Top Tips on Cleaning Leather Handbags

With the proper care, a high quality leather handbag can last you a lifetime. One of the most important elements of taking good care of your handbags is keeping them clean. There is little sense in investing so much money in a handbag unless you are going to keep it looking fantastic. If you follow these tips now, your bag will stay looking great in years to come.

The steps to take to clean your leather handbag include:

  • Always read the tags inside of the handbag. Care instructions may have been included by the manufacturer. You will need to know what type of leather soaps you can use on that bag’s leather, or if you can use any at all.
  • Prepare a surface that is clean and dry to place the bag onto. It’s best to lay the bag flat on its side.
  • Take some leather soap and mix it with water. Follow the directions on the bottle for how much water to use when mixing.
  • Dip the corner or a clean, white rag into the soap mixture.
  • Look for areas that seem a little dirty or worn and spot clean them. Only use as much of the soap mixture as absolutely necessary.
  • When all the spots have been cleaned off, leave the bag to dry completely.
  • You can apply the leather lotion after the bag has dried completely. Apply the lotion to a small area using a ckean white cloth, then buff it dry. Continue applying the lotion when you are sure that there are no adverse effects to the test area. Put it onto a small area and then buff it off, working your way around the bag systematically.
  • If you put your bag away for any length of time, put it into the manufacturer’s dust bag that it came in. If you keep your handbag stored this way you can reduce the amount of dust and grime that it is exposed to.
  • To keep your italian leather handbags in the best condition possible, there are a few things you should do. First, when you purchase the leather handbag you will want to ask the sales person about the best method of cleaning the bag. In addition, when you go to purchase the leather soap and lotion it is best to buy it from the same manufacturer that makes your handbag.

Some other things you can do to keep your bag looking great is to make sure that your hands are clean before you pick up your bag. Some examples like eating or gardening are obvious. But, even when you are not doing anything that make your hands grubby, you may have residues on your hands that you are not aware of. These will transfer to the leather material of your bag.

If you take good care of your designer leather shoulder handbags, they will last you for generations.

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