Shark Rocket Duo Clean Reviews – Savior For Your Hardwood Floors

To be honest, cleaning is the most obnoxious house tasks that I really hate. And surely a lot of people feel the same way like me. Why? Not sure. It’s just too annoyed and frustrated feeling when you have to do this kind of job again and again in your life. But, thing gets better when you got supports. For me, I want effective tools that able to help me finish house cleaning job in faster, less effort and more comfortable way. And this Shark vacuum is what I’m looking for a long time. So here we are for the most detail Shark Rocket DuoClean review.

Hardwood Floors Owners: Does Maintain Your Floors As Easy As You Though?

One of the most popular types of floor you can find in the US is hardwood floors. They not only bring the elegant and cozy feeling to your family but increase the value of your house (according to a research from USAToday, 54% of home buyers willing to pay more for the houses those have hardwood flooring).

But, keeping the floor clean and durable is not easy as eating candy. The hardest part is keeping your wood floor from scratching or staining. There are numerous things you shouldn’t do with your hardwood floors. If you do, you have to pay a pricey cost to fix your mistakes. I can list some likes: no water, no oil, waxes or furniture sprays, no use straight chemical solutions, and so on.

We all love the hardwood floors, but absolutely hate the maintenance and cleaning part. So many rules to follow. That’s why I found the alternative ways to keep my hardwood floors clean and polish: using a hardwood floors vacuum cleaners. Any hardwood floors owners can easily keep their wood floors away from dirt and scratch with this Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 vacuum cleaner because it uses the great suction and specific cleaning technology to sucks away all dust and worries.

Shark Rocket Duo Clean Reviews

Even though there’s numerous of vacuum cleaner brand on the market, some might good, some not. But the Shark vacuum brand still wins the solid position in users experience by the extremely effective and affordable feature. And this Shark Rocket DuoClean vacuum is a totally new and highly recommended product from Shark that you shouldn’t miss out.

Things to love:

Specialized Design For Bare And Hardwood Floors Cleaning

The HV382 has a unique cleaning technology called DuoClean. So what is it? In low-profile vacuum cleaners, you might see it’s really difficult to pick up the large debris out of your carpet and floor. But with Shark Rocket DuoClean, the extra bristle brush combines with the soft brush roll for easy spinning and get rid of the dust and dirt (even big or small). Finally, you have polished views after cleaning up without scratching or damaging your hardwood flooring.

Besides, this vacuum is equipped with the LED lights on the nozzle. Even though it’s just a small improvement, this feature still wins a lot of compliments. Everyone knows how difficult to clean the dark areas such as under furniture, under bed or corners. But with the support from LED lights, you are able to track hidden dust and dirt in your upholstery and dark spaces.

Super Durable And Effective Than The Money You Pay

This vacuum is not the cheapest vacuum you can find on the market. But it has a reasonable price to invest. You don’t have to spend a fortune but still, own a high quality and versatile stick vacuum cleaner. Most users who actually use Shark vacuums totally agree that they are super durable, which can last up to more than ten years, with only cost medium price, much cheaper than Dyson vacuum with the same functions and effectiveness.

Hygiene To Wash After Using

The Shark Rocket DuoClean is not only a great vacuum to clean your house faster but also easy to clean up itself. Surely if you have troubles in cleaning the vacuum after using, then this vacuum can solve all those problems. It provides the removable brush roll garage, which can pop in and out quickly for cleaning the brush without using any tool for screwing it up.

Great For Pet Owners Too

Another thing to love from this Shark Rocket DuoClean is pet-friendly side. It comes with the True pet multi tool enables the pet hair removal ability. Even when your furry friends leave so much hair on floor, upholstery or bed, it still works awesome for the best cleaning results. However, this vacuum is not recommended for removing the pet hair on carpet surfaces.

Things need to improve:

Although this is really great vacuum, there’re several things that you can’t love this machine.

 Smooth Operating But Still Aloud

The Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 works amazingly on the floors and carpets. It picks up every dust and dirt in your house. But it also gives the big noise when operating. The level of the noise might not the problem with someone who used to it. But in case you need the more quiet vacuums, I do not recommend this one.

 Need The Stronger Design Case

This vacuum has stick design similar to Dyson V6/ V8, but the stick part went wrong. Therefore it isn't able to stand by itself. Maybe Shark thinks too focus on the lightweight feature without care much about this inconvenient part. The stick is long and lightweight, but the top head is heavy. So weird design in this case. Luckily the effectiveness wins these drawbacks.

 Not Recommend For Carpet With Pet Hair

Even though this vacuum works effectively on vacuuming the dust and dirt out of your carpeted stair and rugs. It’s so bad at picking up the pet hair out of your carpet areas. Therefore, if you are pet owners and carpet owners, remove this Shark vacuum out of your wish list.

Final thought

House cleaning is hard and wasting a lot of your time. But with little support from the proper tools and appliances, your house works become easier. You can have more spare time for family and personal hobby. The Shark Rocket DuoClean is the great assistant for hardwood floors owners who looking for the simple and effortless way to clean and maintain beloved flooring. Moreover, this vacuum is extremely affordable and durable to use even for medium budget. For those who looking for something else, don’t miss our tips and tricks for finding the best vacuum cleaner that suitable for your purpose

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