Shark NV552 Review- Great Choice for Multiple Usage

If you are in trouble with your old vacuum clean, which hasn’t operated as you want, then the Shark NV552 is a considering product with affordable price and various function. The great part helps this machine win the heart of customers is the long durability and contented cleaning result.

Summary review:

  • Effective for various type of surfaces
  • Affordable for small budget.
  • Lightweight and simple to use.
  • Provide great customer support.

What we like:

  • Lightweight to carry and storage
  • Easy for set up and clean the tight corners

What we didn't like:

  • Need the height adjustment.

Shark Nv552 is a top pick vacuum cleaner in case you are full of cleaning tasks from room to room. It easily completes even the hardest places to clean in your house with the specific design and supportive features. Furthermore, the affordable price is also a high point to consider in this vacuum. You don’t have to pay a large budget but still, own a great machine for cleaning up the house.

Shark Rotator Pro Complete Lift-Away NV552 Reviews

Who should buy this vacuum?

The Shark NV552 stands out with the multiple and versatile use. Which means it’s a great vacuum cleaner for home use. Especially, if your house has many types of floors and surfaces to clean such as carpet, laminate, tiles, stairs and hardwood floors. This vacuum also has full of attachments to operate the pet hair in your furniture and the tight spaces like under sofa, couch, table,…


  • Amazing cleaning result

Shark NV552 is not only a very high-quality product but also be a good machine to operating for a long time. While other vacuums have given you the bad experiences when they lost suctions and easily broken after times. The unique technology Never Lose Suction from Shark helps increase the using time of the product. Moreover, anti-allergen complete seal technology provides the best cleaning result to every corner in your house.

  • Multiple uses in case you are looking for a various vacuum cleaner

The best benefit from the Shark NV552 is the versatility. You’ll find that it combines the advantages from 3 type of vacuum cleaners (3-in-1: powerful upright, Lift-Away pod and canister). Therefore, you can easily clean the different areas in your house with the support from this multiple vacuum cleaners. In case you have a lot of cleaning task to do with limited time, this vacuum can become a great assistant to support your housework.

  • Swivel steering for cleaning the hard to reach and under furniture spaces.

In order to reduce the sweat every time you cleaning the house, the Shark NV552 comes with swivel steering to clean the corners like under sofas, tables or cobwebs on the ceiling. You can see how great it is by check this video below.

  • Lightweight and ultra-quiet for home use ( especially when you have baby)

Electrical products usually have a crazy noise that makes you feel a headache every time operating. But with specific ultra-quiet feature from Shark NV552, you don’t have to worry about the noisy sound that can awaken your baby’s sleep or interrupt your favorite shows/ songs. Besides, this vacuum is super lightweight to carry and vacuuming around your house, ceiling and under furniture.

What else to love?

  • Various suction control:

Helps simply adjust the suction level to vacuuming the different type of surface in your house. Some area needs the low suction while some need strong power, so this feature makes sure all spaces in your house get the best cleaning result with damaging or broken.

  • Included HEPA filter systems.

For those have allergies problems, a HEPA vacuum is primary items you need to equip, which can capture fine dust and allergen up to 99.97%. This feature helps your family members, especially who have allergy problems, be safer.

  • Easy to empty dust cup.

Even it’s a bagless version but with a very big 1.3 dry quarts dust cup. This shark vacuum still provides the large space to store the dust and dirt. Besides, it’s really simple to empty and clean after use without making your house messy like another model of vacuum. Just press a button and it’s all done.


  • Lack of height adjustment:

For someone, this might really annoy because this machine doesn’t supply the height adjustment. But look overall, this is really a good product for both price and quality to consider and choosing.

  • Other customers review:

The Shark NV552 has received a lot of compliments in how fast and effective it perform through the house. Some users even rate it over another famous vacuum model like Dyson. So you definitely should check out what other customers review about this product on Amazon.

  • Comparison chart:

Let take a quick view about some specs between Shark NV552 and other famous vacuum models to have the better choice.

Shark Rotator Pro Complete Lift-Away (NV552)

Shark Rotator Pro Complete Lift-Away (NV552)

Dyson DC41 Animal





Hardwood Floors








HEPA Filter




Item Weight




Cord Length












Final thought:

Don’t need to spend the big budget, you still be able to find a great vacuum for your big house with full facilities. This is really a good bargain. The Shark Nv552 vacuum cleaner can save your time and effort but still making sure your house cleaner and fresher for many years with trouble-free. For those want to replace your old vacuum by something better, take Shark NV552 and experience. Don’t forget to check our 20 best Shark vacuums as a free gift.

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