How to Keep Vacuum Cleaners Smelling Fresh

Vacuuming on a regular basis is an essential part to maintaining a clean home and a healthy environment to live in. Failing to vacuum regularly can lead to dangerous dust and pet dander accumulation which may irritate allergies for many people. Aside from that, dirty carpets and floors are unsightly!

How to Keep Vacuum Cleaners Smelling Fresh:

Many people will vacuum regularly without giving much thought to the job. But there is more to vacuuming than just passing the vacuum over the floor. Regular maintenance of the vacuum itself is necessary for achieving optimum cleanliness and freshness of the home. There are a few simple things people can do to ensure their vacuum is working properly and to its fullest potential.

Brand new vacuums have excellent suction and will leave carpets clean and fresh. But after a few weeks of use the hoses begin to clog and suction is reduced. Be sure to empty the bagless canister weekly, or change the bag when it is half filled. At least once a month, remove the hose and check for clogs. If there are pets in the home, it’s recommended to check for clogs each week.

Vacuums need to have their filters changed or cleaned each month. Newer vacuums come with washable filters. Wash them in warm soapy water and allow them to dry before using. If using disposable filters, be sure to consult the vacuum’s manual for the proper refill type.

Natural methods:

Baking soda is an excellent odor neutralizer, and it’s affordable! Sprinkle it on heavy-traffic areas and let it sit for thirty minutes before vacuuming. Not only will it neutralize odors in the carpeting itself, but it will also keep the vacuum smelling fresh.

Placing a dryer sheet inside the bagless canister of the vacuum to deodorize is a great trick pet owners use. Smelly pet dander and fur is neutralized by the scent of the dryer sheet. One sheet should last through several vacuums, but should be thrown out and changed each time the canister is emptied.

Using powders on the carpet works on odor, but will often just lead clog up the vacuum hoses and reduce suction. A great alternative is to sprinkle a small amount of a fragrant spice like cinnamon inside the vacuum bag or canister. The scent will be released with each use, and yet it doesn’t have to be sucked up from the carpet to be effective.

Try using one or all of these simple methods and see what a difference it makes in the freshness of your home. Proper vacuum maintenance will keep the home smelling fresh and carpets looking great!

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