How to Enjoy Cleaning

Sure, anyone can take out their vacuum cleaner, plug it in and roll through the house hoping to pick up the loose dirt on the heavily-tracked sections of carpet. We watched our parents do it years ago; we’ve got this one down. Hold it! There is a way to take vacuuming to a whole new level. While this may not fit into some of your preconceived ideas, you can actually have fun with it. Let’s find how to enjoy cleaning right now.

How To Enjoy Cleaning:

Narrow Your Choice

Information on vacuum cleaner review sites will convince you: the selection is huge. Your household budget may be your first consideration. Today’s market competition assures that there will be a great machine in your price range. Next, consider the choice between the upright and the canister model. An upright is a deep-cleaning wonder, yet with its weight, you might find yourself experiencing a modest aerobic workout. You get less physical strain with a canister model and it has the edge when cleaning stairs. On either machine, the available extra attachments can be task-specific and helpful, but the basic narrow edge tool and upholstery brush are the primary necessities.

Learn Your Machine

Lay out the parts of your machine and refer to the owner’s manual for detailed explanations of each piece. Many manufacturers have short instructional videos online that will demonstrate the attachments and show how they are best used, along with some innovative suggestions for enhancing your machine’s performance.

Look at Your House in a New Way

You are now a vacuuming sleuth. Notice dust that has built up in the edge between the wall and the carpet. Check out the cracks and crevices of your cushioned furniture. Look up at the cobwebs that indicate you have been providing rent-free accommodations for small visitors.

One Step at a Time

Okay then, where is the fun in all of this? It seems like you have just condemned yourself to a lifetime of suctioning. Sit down, relax and have a cup of tea. Break your undertaking into manageable steps. You can spend one complete day tackling the project or set some incremental time limitations each day until it is finished. Looking at each level of your home individually-floor, furniture, walls and ceiling-will make the task straightforward, simple and doable.

Enjoy the Results

Choose the appropriate vacuum cleaner, plan carefully and execute the task in small steps. Having your home free from dust, cobwebs and those popcorn kernels once lost in the deep recesses of the sofa cushions is healthful, rewarding and can be downright enjoyable.

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