Helpful Vacuuming Tips to Keep your House Clean

The struggle to keep your house clean is a never ending war being waged in your home. A conflict is on many fronts and requires your attention far too often. Cleaning can be an exhaustive process. Vacuuming is one aspect of cleaning that seems like a mindless task. Simply plug in your vacuum and make a pass over every spot of carpet. It’s not fun and the repetition of it can get to you. Thankfully, the burden can be eased with some helpful tricks and hints to make your carpet look brand new every time. It’s helpful as well to remember that you are sometimes only as good as your equipment, and this is one of the cases. If you are not happy with the results you are getting with you current vacuum,  find a better product.

Helpful Vacuuming Tips:

Getting to the root of the dirt and grime in your carpet is not as simple as plugging it in and pushing it back a forth. Knowing a few simple tricks can make quite a difference in the performance and results of your vacuum. Settings, for example, are very important in getting the best results.

For thicker, longer carpet it might be necessary to adjust your vacuum to suction deeper. For rugs or thin carpet the proper setting will probably be lower. What you don’t want is to spend the time vacuuming only to have it get the top layer of dirt which can happen if the height is set too high.

If the vacuum is set too high it results in most of the air will suck in around the sides of the vacuum instead of through the carpet. This prevents it from cleaning deep down into the carpet and only gets the very loose dirt on top.

In contrast, if the vacuum height is set too low the vacuum can actually get stuck onto the carpet and become very difficult to move. This is usually worse on low pile carpets and it won’t due very much to clean the carpet as there is very little air movement.

You need just a bit of space between the edges of the suction head to encourage air flow through the carpet.

It’s terribly frustrating to vacuum a spot and then see particles that weren’t picked up immediately after you pull the vacuum back. This frustration is alleviated by making sure to use the proper setting when cleaning different areas. Trial and error are the best approach to this. A process that can be shortened by following the instructions of your vacuum maker. Often figuring out which setting gives you the best results is going to be a short process, and will give you the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished the task with the utmost efficiency.

How to choose the right kind of vacuum:

Finally it’s important to choose the right kind of vacuum for the job. Wet vacs for example, are probably going to be more useful in a work place type areas. Because they can clean up liquid spills in addition to cleaning carpets. Keeping these vacuums clean isn’t as simple because water obviously dries and can leave a buildup. Clean your wet vac regularly, making sure to use clean water for every use. Try to take on jobs that are not overwhelming for your vacuum. These tips are essential to getting the best performance. If you take proper care of your vacuum  it will last you for a long time. And becoming an invaluable tool to your household cleaning duties.

Modern Vacuum Choosing:

Modern vacuums have multiple attachments that can help alleviate the pain of dealing with surfaces other than carpet. Drawers have accumulated filth can clean easily with the hand attachment. Curtains and draperies are also not immune to dust and grime. And can restore to their original magnificence with a small investment using accessories . Some vacuums also come with a powered hand brush that works great on stairs and furniture. So make sure you go through the box your vacuum came in thoroughly so you don’t miss any useful items.

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