Dyson vs Shark Vacuum- The Real Battle

Dyson and Shark are famous brands in producing good vacuum cleaners. Both of them have their own position and strength on the market. Users are also confused when comparing and selecting one of these two brands because they all have their own unique and solid advantages. So we will make the real battle between Dyson vs Shark to compare the whole aspect of the vacuum cleaner coming from these two brands. Making sure to research and collect details for helping you choosing the best one to achieve the most amazing cleaning performance for your house.

You will find there are many comparison charts between Shark versus Dyson in many respects and depending on your purpose, you can easily finding what is the best vacuum cleaner for you.

Similar Features:
Despite their rivals in the vacuum cleaner market, both Shark and Dyson have certain characteristics in common besides their exclusive features. Included the bagless feature, HEPA filter systems or the compact design that able to save your space in storage and reducing effort when carrying around your house.



Unique Technology

Root Cyclone Technology

Never lose suction and duo clean


~$200 - $1000

~$50 - $300


2.5 years

1 - 10 Years

Easy to use












The biggest differences between Dyson and Shark vacuum are the price and cleaning technology. While Shark vacuum cleaners come with reasonable price and friendly design, the Dyson vacuum is pricey at a high cost and designed classy and luxurious. Because of the high prices, users who decide to buy Dyson vacuum often expects higher on their efficiency than Shark.

The second difference between Shark and Dyson vacuum cleaner is the exclusive technology from the firm. For Dyson vacuum, it has special technology cyclone technology. This is a unique technology that removes dirt and other substances from the air with tight spiral and centrifugal force to help keep your atmosphere fresh and clean. Moreover, the advanced Dyson Cinetic Science technology eliminating the need for filter, so you do not need filters for the Dyson vacuum cleaner, which reduces the time for cleaning the filters and increase machine durability. This feature is extremely suitable for who have pets because it will help clean up the pet hair much more effective than others vacuum.

Meanwhile, the Shark vacuum cleaners offer Never Lose Suction Technology to minimize damage to the machines, keeping the vacuum cleaner running well for many years. In addition, the new Shark vacuum Duo Clean two brush rolls feature can double the efficiency of cleaning floors and carpets, even when dealing with big debris.

Dyson vs Shark: The Real Battle

Because both Shark and Dyson have large quantities of products, it is not easy to choose which brand is stronger. Instead, we will carefully compare the most outstanding vacuum cleaner products from both basing on the type of machine and usage. Let's watch the real battle between Dyson vs Shark to see who will retain their position.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Models from Shark and Dyson:

Although upright vacuum is the strength of both Shark and Dyson with outstanding features and careful investment. But it seems that the Dyson technology hasn’t been able to win points in the user's experiences. While Shark upright vacuum is much more impressive with high efficiency and safety operation.

The upright vacuum cleaner wins the first race between Dyson and Shark is Shark NV356E. It has the highest score in all aspects: from price, design to cleaning performance. Besides, this machine is quite safe to use and get great trust from the owners have used. This machine guarantees all you need: simple and high-end appearance, top quality and extremely durable, ensuring you can use for many years, not just a few months.


  • Various usage, multiple upright vacuum:
    Instead of buying individual vacuum cleaners for cleaning each area in your house, we always prioritize multi-functional vacuum that has higher suction and benefits to saving both money storage space. And the Shark NV356E meets that need. It's a 2-in-1 machine: an upright vacuum cleaner and can be lifted up to operating like a canister in case you need to move it around your house and doing cleaning chores.
    In addition, this machine is extremely effective in cleaning the pet hair scattered throughout your house/ furniture but still ensure the machine is not damaged. This is due to the unique technology called Never Lose Suction and Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology those help to traps almost dirt and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner. Making sure to return cleaner home space for you after using.
  • Powerful to handle heavy duty cleaning jobs:
    This machine has very high suction, so it is easy to handle even heavy-duty jobs such as wood flooring, fur, carpet cleaning in your house thanks to the necessary attachment and HEPA filter. Therefore you will get the best efficiency than using other competitive vacuums.
  • Easy to carry and use in different areas even the tight one.
    Moreover, with the Lift-away Technology from Shark, the Shark NV356E can easily be lifted and moved to any places, especially hard to reach areas such as under furniture or cobwebs on ceiling and curtains. These are all dirty and dusty areas that you often ignore just because they are very difficult to clean. But now with the Shark NV356E, you can completely clean them up.

Choosing a cordless and handheld vacuum cleaner means you are looking for an alternative cleaning method that normal vacuum cleaners can’t afford. It's convenient, compact and easy to carry when you're away or when you need to clean up where has no power to operate your electrical vacuum cleaner. Therefore, besides price and power, to find a good cordless and handheld vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to the running time and battery of this kind of vacuum. Because high operating time allows you to complete your work without rush or worry.

And in this battle, Dyson wins. If Shark showed its strength in upright vacuums, Dyson researched and tested many of the great features to create the best stick and cordless vacuum cleaners that are not only luxurious in design but very compact, durable and easy to use.

If you have followed or researched about the Dyson vacuum cleaner, you will find out that Dyson leads in changing and improve their products to please the user’s need. If a few years ago, you saw that Dyson V6 emerged as a star with outstanding features, then at the present, Dyson V8 completely dominate and gain much more trust in users. Not only improvements in running time. It also adds a number of new features to make sure you will get the job done more than you would expect from a normal handheld vacuum cleaner.


  • Many times stronger suction than other products in the same category:
    Compared to other handheld vacuum cleaners those only can handle simple vacuuming tasks, the Dyson V8 provides much more powerful suction, equivalent to other high-end machines and can handle even the heavy duty works like cleaning the floor, carpet, pet hair as a beast. The great thing about Dyson V8 is the cordless feature assists super easy to move and use, unlike other corded vacuum cleaners.
  • Running time up to 40 minutes:
    Comparing to the Dyson V6, this machine has double operating time. This improvement helps you solve more cleaning tasks without worrying that it will run out of battery quickly. Besides, the Dyson V8 is activated immediately to use whenever you turn it on.
  • Full of functions to provide the best cleaning results:
    Despite its compact size, this machine is designed as full of premium function vacuum cleaner including HEPA filtration, the wider brush, and powerful suction to help you get your house cleaner quickly. The specific design also allows you to easily move it around every corner, even the smallest and hard to clean spaces such as under beds, walls or curtains.
  • Quiet and lightweight:
    Another advantage that the Dyson V8 does very well is lightweight and quiet feature. It doesn’t create too loud noises that affect your mood and neighborhood. This is a big improvement over other Dyson models.

Things that can be improved:

The price is slightly high for those who have the small budget. In addition, the battery charge time is up to 4 hours so it’s a little bit inconvenient in case you need to clean up.

Best Canister Vacuum

We do not compare canister vacuum cleaners because Shark hardly produces this kind of machine. But if you want to find the best canister vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to check out the extremely detailed guide that we have published.

Best for Pet Hair: Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752)

We understand your pets are lovely and treasure. But their hair is easy to fall everywhere in your house from the sofa to the bed, mattress, floors. And cleaning pet hair is not simple and time- consuming because it is tiny and stuck into the furniture. So buying a good vacuum cleaner for pet hair will save a lot of your effort and time for enjoying life.

Both Dyson and Shark has produced specialized vacuum cleaner products for pet owners, even Dyson V6, V8 also has a very outstanding pet hair cleaning feature. But to be fair, after comparing all the elements, we chose Shark Rotator Powered NV752 as the winner.

About pet hair cleaning ability, Shark NV752, Dyson V6, V8 are equal. They can clean the pet fur out of your furniture or on the floor effectively, but the Shark NV752 has more features to use for multiple purposes and the price is also cheaper than the Dyson products.


  • 3 vacs-in- one vacuum, triple your benefits:
    Unlike regular vacuum cleaner, the Shark NV752 features all three types of vacuum: upright, lift-away pods and canisters, to handle all your household cleaning tasks from pet hair, floors, hardwood floors, curtains to under furniture. In just one vacuum cleaner you can use for all cases, triple your benefits with just one payment.
    Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is full of special features of the Shark vacuum like the Never Loses Suction and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology as well as powerful suction. Make it become the most effective vacuum to choose between Shark vs Dyson brand, especially for pet cleaning.
  • Good price for the quality and durability:
    Affordable price is the most highlight advantages of the Shark NV752 vacuum cleaner. It's not too expensive to make you hesitate, but it still meets all your cleaning requirements. In addition, this vacuum has high durability and long warranty program, ensuring you can use it smoothly for years without worry.
  • Amazing movement for any directions:
    With swivel steering, the Shark NV752 can be easily rotated when it meets the obstacles like table, desk or sofa on the ground. Especially when you need to clean the dark and hard-to-reach areas.

Things that can be improved:

Heavy to handle for someone. It would be perfect if Shark reduces some pounds.

Wood floors are very popular in many houses. They create the luxury and warm sense for your house. However, the wood floor is a kind of flooring that needs to be maintained carefully because it’s easily broken, moldy and expensive to repair when you don’t know how to maintain it properly. Therefore, choosing the right vacuum cleaner will be extremely helpful to clean your wood floor more simply.

Similar to the Dyson V8, the Dyson V6 has outstanding features and extremely advanced to easily clean your hardwood floor continuously. It also extremely compact and lightweight to use when moving around furniture and corners on the floors.

  • Cordless so easy to moving:
    Compact and easy-to-carry are the striking features of this vacuum. It saves a lot of sweat to clean the hardwood floors as well as reach hard-to-reach areas like under furniture or ceiling which is much simpler than using brooms or hands.
  • Powerful suction but not scratching the hardwood floors:
    Some vacuum cleaners have very strong suction but unsuitable design causes the scratching on your wooden floors. With this machine is not so, it is designed very special with strong power but ensure protect your hardwood floors from scratching.
  • Motorized head for all floor types:
    Besides the hardwood floors cleaning ability, the Shark NV752 shows the strength in cleaning other types of surfaces such as bare floors, walls, sofa, blanket pillow, thanks to the dynamic motorized head. Furthermore, the brush head is made of Stiff nylon bristles that able to remove dust and dirt from the carpet. While carbon fiber filament removes fine dust from the hard floor and brings cleaner space after use.

Things that can be improved:

This vacuum would be perfect if it can operate longer because of its running time sometimes becomes inconvenient when you need to clean for the emergency situation.

Carpet cleaning is definitely one of the most difficult jobs. Because carpet is the place your whole family contacts directly all day, so they are very easy to get dirt and dust. In addition, food, fur or utensils are prone to scattering and make your carpet becomes irritated and unsightly. And it's not easy to clean them up. For houses with carpeted floors, it’s even much challenge. So let's take a look, in the two great brands Dyson and Shark, which one can help you solve this problem?


  • Extremely lightweight and versatile operation:
    This vacuum is lightweight, with only 8 pounds, so you can easily carry it anywhere, it can be easily collapsed for use in both ceiling/wall cleaning, sofa, pillows, and furniture.
    In addition, the dust-away hard floor and microfiber pad attachments ensure a high level of cleaning that is capable of draining all debris and dirt on your wood and carpeted floors. In addition, this machine comes with a home and car wash kit that is convenient to use for cleaning your family car without spending extra money to buy other specialized tools or vacuum cleaners.
  • Easy to control with fingertips controls button:
    Not only compact, convenient to move, this machine is quite easy to use thanks to the fingertips control button.
  • Space saving for storage:
    Thanks to the special design, the Shark HV302 can be easily folded and stored without taking up too much space in your warehouse or kitchen.

Things that can be improved:

It would be better if Shark designs the LED headlights for the Shark HV302 so that you can easier to handle the dark areas.


It's hard to make a judgment which one is better between Shark and Dyson vacuum because each of them has its own competitive advantages. But basing on your own needs and interests, you will always have the right answer for yourself. The brand will be nothing without the consumers. And both Shark and Dyson should understand this. This is a useful guide that helps you compare specific criteria to find a product that fits the budget and requirements of the two big vacuum cleaner brands: Shark or Dyson.

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