Dangers of Domestic Cleaning Products

Have you ever stopped to think about the dangers of your domestic cleaning supplies? Most people never do, not realizing the dangerous products they have in their homes all the time. So often we use a product and never realize we should be wearing gloves or a mask. The gloves would protect you from getting the toxic chemicals into your body, where the mask would protect your lungs. Many times we just go about our business, doing the daily cleaning without a thought. Let me provide you with a list of the dangers that lurk.

Dangers of Domestic Cleaning Products

Bleach: This is my favorite thing to clean with. I love it because the bottle states that it will kill 99% of germs and bacteria. Yes, that is true, but if you are using it the wrong way you could be in the 99%. Never thought about that, did you? Well, neither did I until someone pointed it out. Bleach can cause damage to the skin, eyes, and lungs. NEVER and I mean NEVER mix bleach with ammonia, toilet bowl cleaners or drain cleaners. These chemicals when mixed will form toxic fumes that can and will burn your lungs and cause possible death.

Drain Cleaners:  These products contain lye or sulfuric acid both of which will cause an extremely serious chemical burn, and may cause blindness if splashed in your eyes.
Mothballs: This is one that seems so innocent. In reality moth balls can be a dangerous cleaning product. It contains toxic chemicals that with prolonged exposure will cause dizziness, headaches, eye irritation, respiratory irritation, liver damage and the formation of cataract.

Oven cleaner: This one really depends on what it contains. Some oven cleaners contain chemicals that have an extremely corrosive base. This one can burn the skin, eyes, and lungs.
Air Fresheners: I would bet that most people would not have considered this one. Think about it, they contain chemicals. Some of the chemicals in air fresheners will irritate the lungs, and may cause cancer. The chemicals found in most air fresheners are flammable, will irritate the eyes and the skin as well. As most of us know, chemicals can also cause nervous system damage.


This is just the beginning of the list of household cleaners that can affect you and your family’s health. Take the time to consider what you may be bringing into your home. These chemicals may be needed, if so keep them in a secure place to insure the safety of those in the household. Understand the dangers of domestic cleaning products and be careful.

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