How to Clean Tower Fan at Your Home?

Tower fans work just great when we need a decent cooling in small spaces. However, if they are not cleaned appropriately from time to time, their efficiency may lower eventually. Just like other coolers and fans, tower fans too starts having dust and debris build up in a matter of weeks. As a result, they may not give the cooling that it once used to give. Moreover, dust builds up in tower fans would ultimately mean a dusty and unclean air in the room, which may not be good for its residents.

Anyway, when it comes to cleaning Tower Fans, following the manufacturer instruction can be a bit too complicated thing. They might ask for vacuum cleaners with brush attachments or other complex tools that might not be available to everyone. So here is how you can simply clean your tower fan so it continues to give the best cooling without making your room dusty.

Start with…

First of all, unplug your tower fan, of course- rule one for any electronic appliance. Take it to the place where you can comfortably carry out the cleaning process. It is advisable to clean your tower fans outdoors, so you don’t make any part of your house a mess. Moreover, you can save the burden of cleaning the room after you clean your tower fan!

…and gather all that you need

For cleaning the tower fan in the simplest possible manner and yet efficiently, the most basic things you would need includes a screwdriver (and other opening tools depending on what model you have and what the manufacturer recommends), a means of compressed air (air compressor or compressed air cans), cleaning brushes, paper towel, eye masks, a bowl to keep screws, lubricant (that is, if you are planning to lubricate the motor too) etc. It is better to gather up all these at one place before you start than doing multiple walks amid your work!

Take necessary precautions

If you have not cleaned your tower fan for a while, chances are that it is full of dust and debris. So make sure you were some kind of mask as well as eye protection if you don’t want your lungs and eyes full of dust!

Start the process by opening the tower fan up

Opening the tower fans or disassembling it usually involves rolling the screws out. Then, there might be some clips and locks that you can easily figure out. If you exercise any difficulty in removing the panel, don’t apply all your strength over it! Check if you left out any lock or if you did not slide the right way.

The ‘harmless’ process of disassembling the panel of tower fans can, at times, vary for different models. What we mean to say here is doesn’t just jump on it with a screwdriver. Get the user manual or visit the manufacturer website and follow the correct manner of opening up as given there to make sure you don’t mess things up. Also, make sure you keep the screws in a bowl or something so that none of it gets misplaced.

It would be a good idea to detach the base- if just makes the cleaning process a bit easy. Well, keep in mind, not all tower fan base are detachable. So don’t break your fan’s base without knowing if it is detachable or not!

Compressed air

You can either use an air compressor or compressed air can. You can easily get your hands on these at most local hardware or stationary stores around you. Compressed air is perhaps the best tool you have when you want to remove dirt and debris that has been building up on your tower fan. According to me, and many of the authentic cleaning articles, it is not a good idea to shake compressed air cans before you use it. This might cause the liquid to be sprayed. So just avoid the mess.

Cleaning the Vents, cage and other parts using compressed air

Of course, these can turn to coal black if left unclean for a while and it can be some of the dirtiest of the sights in your house. Compressed air is the answer here. As stated earlier, don’t shake before you use. It is better to start with a low pressure (if that is why you are considering shaking it) than messing things up. Another important tip is that you must work your way down, instead of starting at bottom. In the latter case, you might end up having to clean the lower part again!

To clean, simply point the air compressor/ compressed air can nozzle on to the surfaces that you need to clean- on the vents, the cage, the blades etc. Get through the visible crevices and let the air blow off the dust build-up.

Lubricating and cleaning the motor

The squeaky or gearing sounds that often produced by the motor of the tower fan is mainly caused by dust and dirt build up in the motor or the lack of lubrication oil. So, it is a good idea to lubricate and clean the motor up time to time. Moreover, it will hike the durability of the motor. Carefully disassemble the motor, strictly following the manufacturer instructions and notes. Clean up dirt and dust accumulations there, if any. Use brushes for this purpose. Lubricate all moving parts. Use a high-quality lubricant. If the manufacturer makes any particular recommendations, it would be great to make use of it.

Finishing up

If you see any dirt or dust remaining anywhere, use the paper towels to clean it up and give it the final touch up. Once you are done, get the unit carefully reassembled. Ensure you have fixed each of the parts rights, and have fixed them with the right screws. After you have done the assembly, do an overall ‘finish-up’ cleaning. Plug in a check if it is working perfectly.

So, clean your tower fan twice in a week during the summer. And make the wonder machine efficient and functional.

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