Top 20 Shark Vacuum Reviews 2020– Choose The Best Vacuum To Buy

In the “hard-to-find-properly” vacuum market, Shark vacuum still survive and confirm its position in consumers with the advanced design and technology. These leading features help to increase your cleaning performance with reasonable cost. So, here’s the round-up that synthesize, compare top 20 shark vacuum that trusted to use and love by users. Besides, we answer all your questions and confusion about the shark vacuum. Therefore, you can compare and make the precious decision for picking the best shark vacuum 2020.

Notice: Time pass means the new technology has updated and some old vacuums can’t work as well as the new one. You can see some of the great choices before have replaced by the better vacuums. That’s why we keep updating the top shark vacuum through time. And this is really a truthful review that does not only talk about the strength but also the weakness of each shark vacuum. You won't regret reading this.

Advantage of Shark Vacuum:

You may ask yourself why you should choose shark vacuum but other vacuum brands. Shark vacuum has many advantages to beat its competitors.

  1. Cheap price: as same as quality, the price is always the priority factor that makes you confused when choosing a new product. And with price ascendant, almost products in top 20 shark vacuum have price range under $250, a perfect budget to experience the high-quality, durable and great warranty vacuum.
  2. Long cord and cordless design: no more worry about carrying the heavy vacuum around your house with super long cord or cordless shark vacuum models. These features are one of the most advantages that you can look for to own a shark vacuum.
  3. Never loses suction technology: if your vacuum used to lose suction and make you feel a headache because the dirt and dust clogged at filters or bags. You will relieve to experience this unique technology from Shark. You are able to use the shark vacuum all years without anxiety it will lose suction by dust or debris stuck inside

Choosing the best shark vacuum not hard like you thought, just think about what you need right now and picking the one that most appropriate to your demand. We don't only list the top 20 Shark vacuums but also categorized them into groups that base on everything you’re struggling with: the pet hair stay on the sofa, bed, car from your pet; the carpet that got stained or dirty; your luxury hardwood floor… So, what are you looking for?

Top 20 Best Shark Vacuum With Reviews 2020

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E) - Best Choice

This is the best-picked shark vacuum that has the most compliments from numerous experts and users. It’s a perfect choice for who want the highest efficient for cleaning chores and need the multi-vacuum that can perform excellently in various type of surfaces. Finally, it also the affordable vacuum that can use for a long time but not broken after 1-2 years.

This vacuum has fitted almost of consumer request and tests to become the best shark vacuum that you should own. Except for the good price, this vacuum has many things to love:

  • Super cleaning with HEPA filters:

For who doesn’t know, the HEPA filter is the most efficient filter that can capture almost fine dust and allergen up to 99.97%. Besides, it has antibacterial features for using at high pollution areas. That means this filter can keep every dust, allergen in your house, room and air. Keep your space clean and totally suitable for who has allergies. The Shark Navigator NV356E provides anti-allergen complete seal technology + HEPA filter support your highest cleaning efficiency. This is really the superior feature to waiting for.

  • Maintenance your vacuum durability and cleaning power with Never Loses Suction Technology:

This will save you tons of time and money in future for fixing the lose-suction vacuum. This technology also helps increase the lifespan of the Shark NV356E.

Thanks to Dust-Away attachment, now you can gently vacuum your hardwood floors in the absence of anxiety scratching the floors like other vacuums. In addition, the Shark NV356E helps you clean the big crumbs and the carpets without worn your rugs.

  • Specially use for stair and furniture:

With an individual part using a canister vacuum, the Shark NV36E allows cleaning the hard-to-reach area like furniture, small corner, under beds and stairs. No more worry about carry the heavy vacuum around the house with this shark vacuum.

Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)

Not everyone wants a high-end and long term vacuum, someone just wants a cheap, functional and easy to use the vacuum at the present. So, we recommend these two shark vacuum if that what you are looking for:

Best for:

  • Low-pile carpet.
  • Hardwood floors.
  • Pet hair.
  • Tile and bare floor.


  • Very cheap and simple to run:
    This vacuum is extremely affordable compared to all benefits you receive from it. In the limited budget, shark sv1106 is a bargain indeed. Moreover, if you’re too busy for learning to use the advanced features and technology, this vacuum can handle because it’s uncomplicated and handy for operating.
  • Space-saving with cordless and lightweight model:
    Many vacuums are too cumbrous that make your cleaning task even more tired than using the mop. Especially, when you have limit space for storing a vacuum. Space-saving is the best thing you can enjoy with the shark SV1106. Furthermore, cordless design makes the cleaning process effortless than ever.
  • Strong suction and cleaning ability:
    If you’re still confused and think a cheap vacuum cleaner can’t work then you’re wrong. The shark sv1106 is able to operate well on hardwood floors, pet hair, carpet, tile and bare floors as good as any costly vacuum cleaners. Its cleaning power is indubitable. It can even clean the large debris and corners easily with the large head brush and swirly.
  • Battery life up to 20-30 minutes:
    Equally with Dyson Ball vacuum running time with the price is much more affordable.

Need to improve:

As we said before, this vacuum is super cheap, so that means it’s not flawless. It has several problems that you should consider carefully before buying. If these weaknesses don't matter you, this vacuum is absolutely the perfect for choosing.

  • Short lifespan:
    There’s no doubt about the shark 1106 cleaning efficiency. But you can’t look for a machine cost under $100 but run exactly like $500. That’s impossible. Accept the reality. The clearly difference is product lifespan. While a high-end vacuum can work at least 5 years, the cheap vacuum only built to run for few months to 2 years. And then it’s broken or stop working. You will have to replace some parts or buy a new one. This shark vacuum is not an exception. The shark company only give it 1-year warranty (warranty time usually the time that your machine can maneuver smoothly without errors). Sorry for being negative, but we just tell the truth. Think twice before picking a cheap vacuum.
  • Noisy:
    This machine is noisy because of its specific upright model. But that’s not a big problem because the fact is almost upright vacuum comes with the noisy maneuver.

Shark Navigator Light Vacuum (NV105)

The second cheap shark vacuum that received a lot of compliments from consumers is Shark Navigator NV105. It is absolutely affordable- durable- effective vacuum you can get with under $100. Discover why it becomes the great choice for low-budget cleaning vacuum choice:

Best for:

  • Pet Hair.
  • Upholstery.
  • Carpet
  • Bare Floors.


  • Long cord and big cleaning path:
    This shark vacuum provides the very long cord up to 25 feet for maneuvering the hard to reach and far area without turn your vacuum cleaner on/off many times. The big cleaning path also enables the larger cleaning area for saving your time and sweat.
  • Effortless for carry and cleaning:
    While others upright vacuums have the bulky construction which makes you feel exhausted for moving around, the Shark Navigator NV105 comes with a very compact design. It’s super lightweight with only 10.6 pounds for operating storage and carrying all your house/ apartment.
  • Specific use for carpet and bare floors:
    The shark navigator gives Brushroll shut-off feature for helping you cleaning the carpet and bare floor easier. So, when you are finding a cheap vacuum to clean up the carpet and floor, this machine is really a great decision.
  • Durable than other cheap vacuum cleaners:
    The shark NV105 model is made with the advantaged never loses suction technology (cyclonic technology) from Shark. This function avoids the dust and dirt clogged into your vacuum filters and keeping the powerful suction through time. Therefore, your vacuum will last long for many years.


  • No HEPA filters:
    This vacuum doesn't have HEPA filter. Then if you or your family members have the allergy, we suggested you to find another vacuum that included HEPA filters.
  • No swirly steering for flexible moving and cleaning stair or nooks and crannies areas
  • Small dust cup than another Shark vacuum
    This vacuum cleaner has smaller dust cup capacity than another shark navigator vacuum. So it will work better in small house/ apartment.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) - Best High End, Long Lifespan Vacuum

The Shark Lift-Away provides the unique design to meet all consumer needs. And in this product line, the Shark Nv752 stands out and shines as the 3-in-1 powerful vacuum that helps you cleaning as fast as ever. So, let find out it worth to buy or not.

Best for:

  • Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Hardwood floor
  • Pet hair


  • Amazing under furniture and hard-to-reach areas cleaning:
    The big advantage when using the upright vacuum cleaners is they have amazing suction to keep your house as clean as ever. But the big problem is they have really cumbrous and vertical design even the small and light one). It means you will get many annoy when cleaning under furniture, ceiling, cabinet and the hard-to-reach areas. But with the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuum, you don’t have to bend, remove furniture and stuff while cleaning the house anymore. The easy-to-transform 3 vacs-in-one included upright, canister and powered lift-way allow you to clean any type of surface, furniture, and even the tight spaces.
  • Easy to moving in any direction:
    With advanced dynamic swivel steering when cleaning around your sofas, tables, couches and other obstacles.
  • Vacuuming dark and unseen spaces due to LED lights on the vacuum head:
    You usually leave the dark and hard-to-see area such as under bed, cabinet. But now with the LED lights high-end function from Shark NV752, all the dirt and dust in theses spaces will be cleared away. Don’t surprise when you see how dirty they are.
  • Various use, all you need in one vacuum:
    High and low-pile carpet, hardwood floors, upholstery, pet hair no longer big deal with Shark NV752. It works excellently on multiple surfaces with innovative cleaning function and necessary attachment like pet brush and hardwood genie attachment. Furthermore, this shark vacuum provides the strong suction and HEPA filter to traps 99.9% dust and allergens in the air, keep your house clean and fresh.
  • Durable to work for many years:
    Just pay once and get your house clean for long years. The shark nv752 is really worth to buy.
  • Affordable than other high-end vacuum cleaners:
    With many advanced features and benefits you can get from this vacuum cleaner, no one can beat its price.

Things need to improve:

  • Short hose only 7 ft
  • No cord rewind

Shark ZU782 Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro Upright Vacuum

  • Best for:
  • Carpet/ rug
  • Car
  • Pet hair and upholstery
  • Various type of floors ( bare, tile, ceramic floors,...)


  • Multi-functionality
    Similar to the NV752 model, the Shark ZU782 has the 3-vacs-in-1 design this veritable vacuum allows you to get all benefits from the three different types of vacuum: great suction, easy to control and maneuver. Moreover, it provides a lot of useful attachments and accessories. So, you are able to get the proper brush for various cleaning chore.
  • Large capacity and easy-to-empty dust cup:
    This shark vacuum gives consumers the very big dust cup up to 1.3 dry quarts to store much more dirt and debris. The dust cup is also very simple and sanitary to empty unlike other bagless vacuum models, which create a mess when you clean the cup.
  • Ideal for allergens and those want the best cleaning result:
    The Shark ZU782 equipped with anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filters. This feature keeps your house and air super clean and fresh by capturing 99.9% all the allergy and fine dust. Furthermore, the filters are washable and reusable. Therefore, you can save an amount for buying replaced filters
  • Variable suction:
    The best part to look forward to the Shark ZU782 is the variable suction. It lets you control and set the suction level while cleaning different type of surfaces without ruin any things.
  • Quiet running:
    Even this vacuum cleaner sucks dirt and dust from your house as a beast, its sound likes an angel in very smooth and quiet way. No more worry about the crazy noise that makes you tired every time cleaning.


  • No height adjustment
  • Heavy than other Shark vacuum

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright (HV322) - Best for Pet Hair

Best for:

  • Pet hair and carpet.
  • Ceiling, bookcase, stairs and furniture.
  • Bare floor
  • Under bed or hard-to-reach and see areas.


  • Amazing performance to get rid of pet hair:
    You’re in trouble when your lovely pet shedding fur and the hair exist everywhere in the house. Sometimes, they flew into your nose and injure your health… But, with shark rocket hv322, you will receive the best result of cleaning all the pet hair on every corners and space due to the wonderful suction and double size dust cup. Keep the love for both your pet and your health with this great vacuum cleaner.
  • Ultra-lightweight:
    Another reason you can’t miss this vacuum is how compact and convenient it is. It weight only 8.6 pounds to handle unlike other cumbrous vacuum cleaners, which takes a lot of your sweats and efforts to use and carry around.
  • Flexible and easy to steer through any obstacles:
    Due to the professional swivel steering, the Shark Rocket HV322 allows easily cleaning under bed, bookcase, furniture, ceiling or any hard-to-reach spaces that used to make you difficult to clean up
  • Unbelievable deep cleaning carpet ability:
    Carpet is always the most difficult part in cleaning task because the fine dust and debris usually get stuck inside the pile. And some normal vacuums are unable to clean that area. However, this Shark vacuum is the best choice for carpet deep cleaning. It has the ability to give you the cleanest carpet ever by powerful suction to trap all the dirt and dust inside your carpet.
  • Versatile usage:
    The Shark HV322 can transform easily from upright to portable model. Not only use for bare floors, this vacuum also able to clean your car, stair as a handheld vacuum by transformative features. A multi-vacuum can save a lot of your money from buying other vacuums to finishing different type of cleaning jobs. Just all you need in one vacuum.


  • It has small design so if you have a big house, we recommend another larger vacuum such as…
  • The portable part is a little bit heavy to carry than other handheld vacuums.

Shark Navigator DLX (NV60)

Best for:

  • Pet hair.
  • Carpet
  • Bare floor.


  • Perfect for pet owners:
    This vacuum excellently vacuums the pet hair/ dander in your house. Even when you don’t use the pet tools, it still works amazingly in picking pet hair. It sucks in the great meaning and satisfying even the strictest person. So, in case you still distress about your dog/ cat shedding problems then this Shark NV60 is the perfect selection.
  • Super large dust cup capacity:
    Comparing to other shark vacuum cleaners, this vacuum has nearly the triple size of dust cup up to 3.5 dry quarts. This feature saves much time in emptying dust bin frequently and very suitable for cleaning the big house or apartment.
  • HEPA filters and Anti-Allergens Seal Complete Technology available for super cleaning maneuvering.
  • Don't get clogged and lose suction through time:
    One of the biggest weakness of most vacuum cleaners nowadays is lost suction after using an amount of time. But in Shark vacuum with innovative cyclonic technology which keeps the dust and dirt away from the filters, your vacuum can continuously have strong suction after time.
  • Various suction powers to adjust:
    For each type of job, you will require the different power for cleaning. Not all surfaces need strong power. Sometimes you just need the very gentle suction to cleaning your stuff. That’s when the adjustable suction function becomes helpful. It gives the better experience in cleaning your whole house.
  • Great price to invest:
    Not only effective, the Shark NV60 also provides the affordable price. Comparing equally, this vacuum cleaner really deserved to invest. Buy once and you’ll get your house clean for many years.


  • Short hose
  • No cord rewind

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV500

Best for:

  • Per hair
  • Carpet
  • Bare floor

Why should you choose this Shark NV500 for cleaning your pet hair?

  • Lightweight and flexible for moving around and pick up the pet hair that leaves anywhere in your house. The struggle problem of pet owners is your pet hair shedding on anything you can find: the sofa, upholstery, drapes, bed, stair, carpet or even the whole house. That’s why you need a vacuum that is able to clean up any type of surfaces and corners.
  • For what you want, the Shark NV500 is an appropriate candidate. The lightweight, advanced swivel steering, super long stretch hose, and cord allows you to carry and maneuver to any area for collecting the pet hair, dirt, and dust.
  • Reduce anxiety of vacuum loss suction: another trouble to worry is the pet hair after vacuuming can be clogged into your vacuum lead losing suction. But with never lose suction technology from Shark, your anxiety will disappear.
  • Easily empty the bag cup. Are you used to drive crazy because the dust cup leaves a big mess every time you empty it? Some vacuum dust cups are really big trouble for using. But not his one, the Shark NV500 has very big and quick-release dust cup for storing more dust and very simple to clean up after using.
  • Great performance on the carpet: this vacuum is able to work amazingly on carpet and give you the best result. It’s good for both low and high-pile carpet type.


  • No cord retracting: so it will take a little time to collect and store the vacuum after you finish the jobs.
  • Noisy

Shark Rocket PowerHead (HV302) - Best Lightweight Vacuum

Best for:

  • Carpet/ rug cleaning
  • Hardwood floors
  • Garage


  • Super lightweight:
    The first and most important factor that the Shark AH452 provides the ultra-lightweight design to maneuver. The weight only 9 pounds for the power head and 1 pound in hand to navigate to any spaces (weight without cord).
  • Specific use for carpet, hardwood floors and garage:
    Another wonderful feature to look for in this Shark vacuum is the interchangeable brush rolls. The shark AH452 gives users two different brush rolls: 1 for carpet deep cleaning and one for gentle touch brush roll for hardwood floors. You can change or replace the suitable brush roll easily just in seconds.
  • Dust cup can be quickly released:
    Empty the dust cup used to be a very big problem while the dust comes off the air when you still struggle with the cup. Shark AH452 is created to overcome this trouble. The quick-release dust cup is placed at the motor head and super easy to empty or wash.
  • Strong suction power and long cord for better cleaning result:
    The suction is also the most priority requirement when you’re choosing any vacuum cleaners. And the powerful suction makes this vacuum stand out of the vacuum market. Moreover, the long cord enables cleaning far and the high area in your house.
  • Ultra-quiet:
    This vacuum is very quiet when running. No headache listen the noisy sound from vacuum cleaner anymore.


  • Pretty simple design and lack of attachments. So it can’t be used for various surfaces and cleaning jobs. But it’s the perfect choice in case you need a simple, lightweight but strong vacuum.

Shark Rocket Professional Upright Vacuum (NV482)

Best for:

  • Carpet
  • Bare floor
  • Nooks and crannies


  • Great operation in picking carpet dirt and dust:
    Your carpets just like babies. They need the frequent and sweet caring for not get “sick”. And the Shark NV482 becomes amazing tool in caring your carpets, It is able to get rid of all fine dust and debris even the ones hidden inside the pile with powerful suction and motor. The HEPA filters also trap all allergens and asthma in the air or anywhere. We always recommend everyone to choose HAPA vacuum cleaner for receiving the best result.
  • Affordable in case you don’t have high budget for getting an expensive vacuum cleaner:
    The Shark AH482 can be the great replacement with the very cheap cost to invest if you only have the low budget for a vacuum cleaner.
  • Durable:
    Not only affordable, this vacuum’s also durable, which allows you to use for many years in trouble-free. The enhanced cyclonic technology helps this vacuum avoid one of the biggest errors that most of the vacuum cleaners have by time: losing suction. So, you’re in the right way in picking a cheap- effective- durable vacuum for your house.
  • Very quiet:
    The 6 Amp motor works smooth and very quiet to use so you can watch your favorite TV show or cleaning even when your family members are sleeping without interrupting by any annoying noise.


  • No height adjustment: some users have back problems will unlike this vacuum.
  • No suction control for multiple cleaning jobs.

Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)

Best for:

  • Carpet
  • Bare floor
  • Pet Hair


  • Superior cleaning carpet result:
    The Shark NV42 can keep your carpet as clean as new by removing all the dirty debris and dust even high-pile carpet. It provides amazing suction to perform as well as any high-end vacuum that cost even triple price.
  • Versatile operation for pet hair and bare floors:
    This vacuum received numerous of compliments from experts and consumers in how well it’s able to dismiss the dog/ cat hair out of furniture, carpet, and stuff. The bare floor cleaning is also zero problem with the Shark NV42
  • Included to 3 filters for collecting the dust:
    So even though it doesn’t have the HEPA filtration, your house’s still clean for sure.
  • Durable and cheap:
    Even it’s an affordable vacuum, the Shark NV42 is prepared the patented technology to keep it lasting for a long time without worry the dust of hair get clogged and make your vacuum cleaner loses suction.

What else to love:

  • Never Loses Suction Technology
  • Brushroll shutoff
  • Included 5.55’’ creative tool
  • Long hose and cord to carry around your house.


  • Heavy than another model so it can work well on carpet. But the stairs or the area that need movement will be hard to use and need a lot of your sweat and effort.
    No swivel steering for flexible cleaning under furniture or around obstacles.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV755) - Best for Hardwood Floor

Best for:

  • Hardwood Floor.
  • Multiple usage


  • Easily clean your hardwood floor due to the great suction and helpful hard floor attachment:
    Your wood floor really needs the gentle operator for not being scratched or injured but still enough power in order to clean the dust and debris away. The results are already verified by many consumers.
  • Special design included 3-vacuums-in-1-model, various attachments, and swivel steering:
    No need to spend extra money for another vacuum cleaner. You have the chance to own up to 3 different type of vacuum in Shark NV755 for versatile usage. All cleaning jobs like carpet, pet hair upholstery,… can be done quickly and effectively with the support from Shark NV755. The HEPA filters and anti-allergen complete seal technology also help you get the best cleaning results than before. Moreover, the LED headlights give the light for working in the dark and hard to see areas that you usually dismiss.
  • Very lightweight to handle and navigator to any space in your house.
  • Big 3.57 dry quarts dust cup capacity which is very simple to empty.
  • Fingertip adjustment to turn different level of power for diverse usage.

Not found yet. This is absolutely the best shark vacuum to select for your not only hardwood floor but also any cleaning task.

Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292) - Best Car Vacuum

Best for:

  • Car
  • Pet hair, small debris and furniture.


  • The Shark HV292 vacuum comes with all feature you’re requiring. The full-function attachments for versatile operating (included TruePet motorized brush, the long extend hose, the dust brush and 12’’ creative tool), great suction and very lightweight to use.
  • Bagless design can save your money in buying replaced bag. In addition, the dust cup is very easy to empty without leaving a mess.
  • Zero cost to maintenance: you can wash the filters then reuse it. No need to buy the new one after time.
  •  No loss suction technology:
    vacuuming the small dust and debris usually cause the clog and make your vacuum lose suction after using a long time. But the Shark uses cyclonic technology to keep the dirt and dust spinning and stay away from the filters so your vacuum will last long than another type of vacuum cleaners.
  • Super lightweight:
    the main vacuum part only weight 3.7 pounds, which super compact to maneuver in your car and furniture.


  • Corded. The cordless car vacuum is more convenient to use than the corded one.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV302) - Best for Small Apartments

Best for:

  • Carpet.
  • Bare Floor
  • Hardwood Floor.
  • Stairs and furniture.


  • Deep clean your carpet:
    With the specific rocket technology, the Shark HV302 enables to clean all the dirty and debris at your carpet without ruin it.
  • Flexibly navigate everywhere:
    The swivel steering and versatile design give this vacuum the very flexible way to operate to every corner nooks and crannies in your house or apartment. It can also easy to turn from upright model to portable model in order to help you clean floor-to-ceiling. Besides, the portable type saves a lot of space to store in-house after cleaning.
  • Super lightweight:
    As we said before, you will need the compact vacuum to handle through the furniture in your house. And this vacuum only weighs 7.6 pounds to use. Absolutely appropriate for your demand.
  • Amazing efficiency on picking pet hair:
    If you have owned pets, this vacuum can work unbelievably in cleaning up the pet hair/ dander around your house with the support from pet upholstery tool and attachments.
  • Included home and car detail kit for car cleaning.


  • Not cordless
  • Lack of LED headlights

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright (HV322)

Best for:

  • Multi-surface
  • Small house/ apartment
  • Carpet
  • Furniture

Highlights features:

  • Multi-surface working:
    This vacuum has the ability to work on any surface and corners by the quick to release function that can change from upright to handheld vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you can simply clean any area in your house even the hard to reach places like the ceiling, cabinet, and window.
  • 2X dust cup capacity:
    It helps you expand the cleaning time without empty the dust cup often while working. And the bigger dust cup also has the ability to keep picking more dust and debris in house
  • Two power speeds to control:
    Unlike the normal vacuum, Shark HV 322 provides two different level of power to adjust base on the type of surface you are cleaning

What else to love?

  • Never Loses Suction Technology.
  • LED headlights for dark area cleaning
  • Hardwood floor and pet hair attachments.


  • No HEPA filters.
  • Corded.

Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV100) - Best Multipurpose Vacuum

Suit for:

  • Carpet
  • Pet hair
  • Bare floor
  • Hardwood floor


  • Lightweight, easy to carry:
    The Shark Navigator NV100 excels with the compact and very simple to operate on the different type of surfaces such as carpet, stairs to leave them the new and clean looking.
  • Versatile and adaptable:
    The second point this vacuum provides is the versatile attribute which allows working well at various type of floors, carpet, and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Cheap vacuum for low-budget:
    If you don’t want to spend too much in a vacuum but still want to keep your house clean and fresh, this NV100 vacuum is built for you. Not too expensive, easy to use and very effective.
  • Quiet to maneuver:
    In order to help reduce annoy and headache every time you have to clean the house, Shark NV100 is designed to run smoothly and noiseless.


  • Small dust cup: so this vacuum will work better in small house or apartment
  • Not durable: many users complaint about this vacuum longevity. And it’s also the big disadvantage you should consider before buying.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)

Best for:

  • Carpet
  • Pet hair
  • Bare floor.
  • Hardwood floor.


  • Very quiet and amazing cleaning performance:
    The Shark NV501 received high rating about how excellent it’s able to clean the carpet and bare floor. With very big cleaning path to 11.5 inches and powerful suction, it can easily beat even the expensive vacuum cleaners. The motor maneuver in a ultra-quiet way gives consumers the better cleaning experience.
  • Equipped various tools for versatile usage:
    This vacuum cleaner is able to be used as both upright and canister vacuum in the different type of cleaning tasks. While each vacuum cleaner type can implement each other weakness and achieve the excellent cleaning result. Furthermore, The Shark NV501 included numerous of extended tools for using on different surfaces. The high-pile carpet, hardwood floors that used to be a problem in the past now can be cleaned easier. Besides, the shark nv501 also included the HEPA filtration system that can seal up to 99.97% dust and allergens in the air and leave the fresh atmosphere to your house.
  • Diverse cleaning options:
    The shark rotator professional Lift-Away NV501 model provides very long cord to 30 feet so you can avoid of wasting time to plug in/out often. The swivel steering is easy to handle the obstacles or hard-to-reach space like under bed, table, cabinet, and furniture. Besides, the power nozzle with LED headlights enables cleaning the dark spaces that you usually miss.
  • Very durable and easy maintenance:
    By using the HEPA filters that can be reuse and washable, this vacuum is very easy to maintenance without wasting money to buy the replacement one. Moreover, with 5-year trouble-free warranty, you can feel free to use this vacuum for many years.


  • Not work well in high-pile carpets
  • No cord retracting

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe (NV360)

Best for:

  • Carpet
  • Pet hair
  • Bare floor
  • Hardwood floor

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 provides users the best cleaning experience with the specific design that incorporates the upright vacuum and canister model. This vacuum included the never loses suction technology to keep the vacuum durable time by time. Besides, the Shark NV360 has HEPA and Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology for trapping almost the dirt, dust, and allergens in your house. The great suction also gives the best cleaning results

What else to love:

  • Never Loses Suction for durable use.
  • Washable HEPA filters can reuse to save money.
  • Under-appliance wands for cleaning the hard to reach spaces.
  • Large dust cup.
  • Swivel steering for handling around the obstacles and furniture.
  • Safe for hardwood floors and pet hair cleaning without ruin your floors or stuff.


  • No cord retracting.
  • A little bit heavy.

Shark Rotator Professional (NV400)

Best for:

  • Carpet
  • Pet hair
  • Bare floor
  • Hardwood floor

With a lot of innovative features from this Shark vacuum, many upright vacuum disadvantages have disappeared. Now, consumers can easily enjoy both the great suction and easy to control for nooks and crannies cleaning in just one machine. High technology means you can save your time and effort but still keep your house as clean as you want. So, you can use your time wisely to make your house becomes your sweet home.

The Shark NV400 is designed as a very affordable but full-function vacuum cleaner. When you will have to pay extra double or triple for the vacuum cleaner that has similar features, the Shark vacuum only cost very low price to own: durable with never loses suction technology, HEPA filters, swivel steering head, brush roll on/off features. Let’s find out what benefits you can get if using this vacuum:


  • Amazingly sucks up and very suitable for those have allergies:
    Firstly, the HEPA filters and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology in this vacuum provides the most effective for cleaning your house by picking up to 99.9% dust and allergens. For who have the allergies, this vacuum is extremely what you need. Keep both your house and your health better.
  • Very quiet for maneuvering:
    Secondly, the super quiet when operating due to the sound-reduction technology brings the peaceful to your house. No noise from the motor running that makes you and your family feel uncomfortable anymore.
  • Swivel steering and lightweight for cleaning better:
    Unlike other upright vacuum cleaners which are very difficult to move and control, the Shark NV400 with swivel head enables the ultra-navigation to clean around the obstacles on the floor.
  • Amazing for using at home (pet, bare floor,...)
    Equipped many useful attachments included in the box and the motorized brush rolls on/off, the Shark NV400 can easily clean both carpet and hardwood floor. Moreover, the LED headlights help cleaning even the dark zone in your house.


  • Heavy construction.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum (NV370)

Best for:

  • Carpet
  • Pet hair
  • Bare floor
  • Hardwood floor


  • Easy to install and use for multi-surface:
    Like another high-end vacuum cleaner, this Shark NV370 provides the HEPA filtration system to keep most of your dust and dirt. Moreover, the genie deep clean technology helps you get the very clean surface after using. Even this Shark vacuum works best for hardwood floors and deep-pile carpet, it also very useful to clean pet hair and another type of floor or furniture with amazing attachments such as pet tool or deep cleaning brushes.
  • Compact and flexible:
    Swivel steering enables moving around your whole house quickly and easily. Furthermore, this vacuum is very lightweight for operating so you don’t have to worry for carry it upstairs.
  • Quiet running


  • Short hose
  • No onboard feature to hold the bush and extended wand.

Which Factors Affect To Your Cleaning Result:

Type of vacuum:

There is plenty type of vacuum cleaners out there to choosing. Each one has the different strength and weakness to use and avoid.

Bagged or Bagless:

Each vacuum cleaner has the particular type of dust container. Some use bag to store the dirt and dust while some vacuum has dust cup (bagless type):

+ The bagless type uses dust cup to store dusting so you don’t have to buy the extra bag when using. The dust cup easily to empty and disassemble even though it the dust can leave a mess if you don’t empty it carefully.

+ The bagged type uses the required bag to store. After cleaning, you just pick the bag out and throw to trash bin and replace the new one, very sanitary and fast. You can buy the plastic, fabric or paper bag depend on your budget and need. Although fabric bag has the higher price, it’s very durable. Oppositely, the plastic bag has low price and clean, but fragile when using.

Dust capacity:

The vacuum has large dust capacity can be cumbrous to use. But, the small one make the cleaning process interrupt because you have to empty or replace the dust cup/ bag. That’s why you should choose the vacuum that can combine both large dust capacity and lightweight features.

Suction power:

Power suction shows the suction ability of the vacuum cleaner. When choosing a vacuum, you need to check its power suction, the higher power suction means it can clean up your house stronger.


Most people don’t like the noise product, which makes you feel annoy and headache. So you should prioritize the vacuum cleaner which has low noise level, no more 77dB

Type of filters:

HEPA filter is the best filter nowadays with is able to trap up to 99.7% dust and allergens. Moreover, it has antimicrobial feature can use to vacuum refine in pollution area. The vacuums use HEPA filters are suitable for those have allergies and asthma.

Swivel head:

The vacuum has swivel steering is easy to clean the hard to reach area like under bed, under car and simple to navigate at tight spaces.

Height adjustment:

The height adjustment is also the important factor that affects to your cleaning result. The vacuum has long hose can easily vacuuming the high area like window and stairs without too bulky for handle


This is the most important factor when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Not all expensive vacuums work well and not all cheap vacuum cleaners are junk. You can easily find the one that fit both quality and price if looking carefully.


The extended tools are helpful to cleaning the specific place like carpet, pet hair, and furniture. Basing on what you are looking for, you should buy the vacuum cleaner that included the right attachment.

Maintenance Plan

Don’t forget to clean your vacuum part frequently for keep the vacuum durable and effective. This is the maintenance schedule that the manufacturers advise you to follow:

  • Dust cup: you should clean up the dust cup every time using the vacuum. Meanwhile, if you don’t have time, you should empty it after 3-time cleaning.
  • Pre-motor foam filter: clean and air dry after using 3 months. In case you are using the vacuum often, the time for cleaning the filter is shorter. Notice that the foam filter can cause loss of suction if you don’t clean it often.
  • Pre-motor felt filter: rinse and air dry after using normally 3 months.
  • Post-motor HEPA filter: you should clean it every 2 years or anytime you want.


Top 20 best shark vacuums with full reviews include both pros and cons of the top shark vacuum in the market. Every vacuum cleaner has its own strength and weakness and basing on the budget and your demand, picking the right one is not difficult anymore. Even though which vacuum you are selecting, the most important things is your house can look clean and fresh, right?

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