Pick The Best Canister Vacuum With Trusted Reviews All Time

While vacuum cleaners can ensure clean floors, the canister vacuum cleaner can extend the functionalities of an average vacuum cleaner to much more. This article is your guide to choosing the best canister vacuum 2019-2020 for yourself.

Why You Should Choose Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums are popular is most of the households. Its versatility makes it more popular. It is more efficient than the other vacuums as well. Earlier, people don't like to use canister vacuums for houses that had more hard surfaces and lesser carpeted areas. However, canister vacuums have gone through regular overhauls by their manufacturers so that they can become more efficient for their users. Let us list a few reasons why canister vacuums are a great choice.


Canister vacuums are not limited when it comes to the size of the engine. This makes them more powerful than the upright and handheld vacuum cleaners. More power means better suction and an augmented flow rate. This allows you to clean faster and better. Bare surfaces are best cleaned with canister vacuums.


Canister vacuums are lighter than upright ones when we carry them around the house for cleaning. Your average robotic vacuum may also be light but it will not be able to offer the kind of deep cleaning canister vacuums can. You can easily carry the canister vacuums from one room to another, and they will not tire you while you hold them for cleaning as well. On the other hand, upright vacuums can be heavier.


When it comes to flexibility, the canister vacuum beats upright vacuums hands down. The best canister vacuum is one that can easily reach inaccessible areas and keep them clean as well. Upright vacuums may fail you when it comes to cleaning hard to reach places like the back of your sofa or under the furniture and cleaning the drapes, blinds or the upholstery.

The flexible hose of the canister vacuum can help you clean all of this with ease. You can also use the canister vacuum on the stairs easily. Robotic vacuums may be able to offer you ease of cleaning but when it comes to accessing all the areas of the house, a robotic vacuum may be a little incapable.


Vacuum cleaners are often considered noisy. The canister provides a good amount of sound insulation. This means that the canister vacuum is more silent when compared to the other vacuum cleaners. Lower noise makes it more pleasant to work with.

Additional Tools

Canister vacuums often come with additional fittings which can make deep cleaning easier for you. Crevice nozzles, upholstery brush and mechanized brush make the canister vacuums more efficient. All of these tools are easily accessible to you because they are either placed on the wand or in the canister. The best canister vacuum will allow you to clean carpets, keep hard ground dirt-free and also work easily on upholstery and furniture. The versatility of the canister vacuum makes it a preferable choice for most of the households.

17 Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners and Ultimate Reviews

We understand the technology changes every day. The product that’s good today maybe not fit for tomorrow. That’s why we always update the new thing frequently to help you making the best decision in choosing the right vacuum for your need and budget.We understand the technology changes every day. The product that’s good today maybe not fit for tomorrow. That’s why we always update the new thing frequently to help you making the best decision in choosing the right vacuum for your need and budget.

1. Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister Vacuum

Best Choice

Beating numerous of canister vacuum on the market to become the best canister vacuum 2019-2020 that trusted by experts and consumers, this canister vacuum proves the significant advantage at the price, performance, and durability. Let see what can you looking forward to this vacuum:


  • Efficient cleaning performance for all surfaces.
    The Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister vacuum provides the Electro Plus floorhead (SEB 228) that's ideal to quickly vacuum the dust and debris on your floors and high-pile carpets. Plus, the Miele-Made 1200-W Vortex Motor is easily to select the power level for caring your specific cleaning areas such as hardwood floors and carpets. One more thing, the unique AirClean filtration system allows this vacuum to trap 99.9% of small lung damaging particles for protecting your health.
  • Easy to carry and operating:
    With the simple but convenient design, the Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister vacuum allows you to move and manage in a simple way. The stainless steel wand and automatic cord retracting also helps in storage and working with this vacuum.
  • Long cord for big house:
    This Miele C2 provides the long wand and cord which has operating radius measured 33 feet to clean the particular area like stairs, wall and big house without interrupt your job to plug on/off or moving the machine.
  • Durable:
    Not design to run for short time, this Miele vacuum has tested for running up to 20 years. That’s why the Miele vacuum always has higher price than another brand. It provides the long-term benefits for who are tired of old vacuum hat only last for few months or years that wasting, even more, cost to maintenance than invest in one high-end vacuum.
  • Controllable speed:
    The 6-speed settings enable the right level power for different type of cleaning task in your house. You can easily control the speed via rotary dial on Miele Compact C2 body part.

Miele Complete C2 hard floor canister vacuum is an extremely high-end product that's very affordable and effective. This vacuum has capable of handling the hard surfaces/ floors and low pile carpeted areas in your house. The unique SBD285-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool and SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush provide amazing result in cleaning in the shortest time in both hard floors and carpeted spaces. Moreover, the Miele Complete C2 comes with 6 different speeds setting suction control for the various usages and purposes. Especially, this product gives you the fresh air thanks to the Miele Super Air Clean Filter and Sealed System Construction.

  • Application
  • Powerful and full-function to handle various cleaning tasks
  • Convenience
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Price
  • Affordably price for all budget
  • Customer Support
  • Great and reliable service


  • Extremely effective for hard floors.
  • Amazing result in cleaning multiple surfaces such as hardwood floor, tiles, smooth flooring and low-pile carpet
  • Included Parquet Twister that can rotate 180 degrees for caring any corners in your house.
  • Very lightweight and easy to use


  • Not recommend for high-pile carpeted areas.


Although the price is the first thing you’re looking for when choosing a product, the last thing retains at the end always the quality. And if you already experienced many types of vacuum but still not satisfying with the result, then these best deluxe canister vacuum may change your mind. By focus on the standard, these canister vacuums have the higher cost but outstanding in time using, efficient and elegant design.

Shark is a popular vacuum cleaner brand that provides a lot of high-end products for home and industrial use. Let discover what benefits you can get from this product:

Highlight features:

  • 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner: double benefits and way to use.
    Integrated many advantages from both upright and canister vacuum. Therefore you can feel the double comfort and effect when using this vacuum.
  • Powerful motorized nozzle and swivel steering for cleaning the hard-to-reach spaces:
    The dark and corner now isn’t the problem anymore. Because the Shark NR96 includes the powerful nozzle and swivel steering feature that can afford even the hard-to-clean surfaces.
  • Included many useful attachments for versatile use
    If you are worry because your house have a lot of stuff to clean such as pet hair, hardwood floors, tile floor and upholstery. Then this vacuum is the best choices. With effective attachments, the Shark NR96 allows to operate in different type of floors/ surfaces in your house.
  • Lightweight and convenient to use and storage:
    Unlike some vacuum that are very cumbrous and heavy to carry, this machine has light and easy to use design. Moreover, the automatic cord rewind enables simple storage.

Comes from the same Miele C3 line, the Miele C3 Marin has all advantages of Miele Complete C3 and improvements to give consumers a better cleaning experience.


  • Best result in cleaning multi-surface (pet hair, carpet, furniture, bare and hardwood floors,..)
  • best canister vacuum for high-end use
    The cleaning result is the most important factor that everyone is caring when buying a vacuum cleaner. And the vacuum performance not only depends on the high-powered motor but also base on many assistant features. This Miele C3 Marin provides the particular aerodynamic design and completely tight seal. This feature makes sure air flow will create the maximum suction power from the AirTeQ floorhead to give the best performance in multiple types of surface in your house.
  • AirClean Filtration system traps 99.9% fine dust
    Miele C3 Marin comes with an AirClean filtration system and the Hyclean dust bag to ensure trap up to 99.9% fines dust in your house and air and give the fresh environment.
  • Ideal for those has allergens with HEPA AirClean filter
    While the Miele Complete C3 Limited lacks of this feature, the innovative Miele C3 Marin provides the super power HEPA AirClean filters to keep even the allergens particles. These filters protect your health and house better.
  • Suitable for who has back problems.
    Vacuuming is the job that needs you to stoop and spend a lot of efforts. But with users who has back problems, is a problem to handle every time vacuuming. But with the easy footswitch pedal, you can simply control the speed motor without inconvenient stooping. Moreover, the one-touch automatic rewind function is very convenient for cleaning up and storing this machine.
    Besides, the Miele C3 Marin included the telescopic wand that adjustable vacuum height in one button to maneuver the different type of cleaning job. Therefore, your back can relax and feel comfortable during cleaning days.
  • Large cleaning area
    This vacuum gives a large 36 feet cleaning radius for operating the high and far areas in your house. Besides, the wide Powerbrush 13 3/8 enables faster cleaning.
  • Convenient and easy to handling
    The Miele C3 Marin canister vacuum included three fantastic attachments: the upholstery nozzle, the crevice nozzle, and dusting brush. These accessories can support to clean your furniture and upholstery.
  • Space-saving and suitable for both left and right-handed users
    This vacuum has a special design to storage in even small space and working with both left and right-hand users.
  • Protect the vacuum from overheating
    The Miele C3 Marin is protected overheating by a temperature limiter to ensure safety’s sake. When this vacuum cleaning the large particles, the motor system will turn off automatically and wait until the vacuum cool down. It will ready to work again.
  • Prevent shock electrostatic
    This Miele vacuum comes with a small metal thread at the handle and working like a lightning conductor to avoid shocking electrostatic when using.
  • Protects furniture and walls from damage
    This vacuum is equipped with the bumper strip to protect your furniture, floor, and wall from damage, scratching or accidental collisions.


  • Expensive to own. But it worth if you want a long-term vacuum cleaner for your house.

Suitable for:

  • Hardwood floor
  • Pet hair
  • Bare floor


  • Various usage
    Integrated attachments included the creative tool, upholstery nozzle and dusting brush with extension wand to solve cleaning upholstery, furniture or even pet hair in your house quickly.
  • Incredible cleaning productivity
    The Sebo Airbelt K3 provides amazingly ability to trap 99.97% dirt and dust with S-class filtration system. Therefore, this vacuum is ideal for who has the problem with allergens.
  • Extremely large activity area
    The canister vacuum has super long cord up to 40 foot and cleaning radius to 50 ft. This feature helps to extend your cleaning area for better result.
  • Save operating costs
    One more thing you can love in this vacuum is the economic side. The Sebo Airbelt K3 uses S-class filtration system that doesn’t need to be replaced. So, you can wash it and reuse for many time.
  • Reliable manufacturer
    This vacuum has designed and made in Germany for using the best component and create the good product.
  • Various suction power
    The Sebo Airbelt K3 has the adjustable suction power to use. You can easily control it with the button at the right on the handle for your different type of cleaning tasks and surfaces.
  • Exclusive design for actually cleaning the hardwood floors and carpet
    Comes with the large 12-inch ET-1 power head and an additional parquet brush, this canister vacuum can maneuver on hardwood floor easily. Furthermore, the adjustable height brush allows capable of handling with carpet.
  • Large and roomy filter bag
    The big 1.5 gallons filter bag that can contain more dust and dirt when cleaning. It also has an indicator for alerting as the filter bag full of dirt
  • Protect your furniture and wall
    When some vacuum cleaner can scratches or damage your furniture, the Sebo Airbelt K3 provides the patented AIRBELT bumper that can protect your furniture, wall and hardwood floor from injuring.
  • Excellent customer service
    Sebo is famous for fantastic customer service, so you don’t need to worry if your vacuum has errors in the future. The Sebo Airbelt K3 has the 5-year warranty with trouble-free.

Cons: Not ideal for high-pile carpet.


  • Super durable, doesn’t lose suction through time:
    The first and vitally important benefit user received is the super durable side. The Cinetic Science technology can trap even the smallest microscopic dust that clogged and caused losing suction in a regular vacuum cleaner. That’s why this vacuum doesn’t have any filter to clean or clog.
    For the deeper explanation, there’re 36 Dyson Cinetic tips inside the vacuum which can oscillate at 5000 Hz for separating the microscopic dust. So, unlike another vacuum, this Dyson Cineball canister vacuum can be used from years to years without losing suction.
  • No extra costs in changing filter:
    Because this canister vacuum doesn’t use filter so, you will save a lot of money in buying replaced filters.
  • Perfect self-rights feature:
    The vacuum cleaner is easily fallen and broken when you push or hauling. And if it’s used to your problem, then this Dyson will help you. The curved design with automatically forced gravitation helps balance back the canister vacuum when it falls. Moreover, the specific design inside also helps this vacuum stay fit; lightweight can keep its perfect self-right.
  • Very sanitary when emptying the dust bin:
    It seems useless if you had cleaned your house before but the dirty emptying dust cup process produces a big mess after that. But now, no need to touch the dirt, no need to use bag, this Dyson Cinetic provides hygienic bin which is capable of driving out all the dirt and dust inside in the most sanitary way.
  • Surprising result when working on carpet and hardwood floors:
    Not only has a luxury appearance, but this vacuum also comes with high-quality to give the best cleaning performance. The strong suction power and carbon fiber turbine tool activate the gentle operating through carpets and hardwood floors to remove all dust particles.
  • 360 degrees articulating wand for better cleaning the high and hard-to-reach area:
    Also, the Dyson Cinetic is super useful in getting rid of cobwebs on ceiling, top of furniture and stair steps. The 360 degrees articulating wand and long cord that can reach up to 35 foot can save many time and effort in cleaning these areas.
  • Work great on nooks and crannies:
    The Ball technology helps this vacuum simply steer around your furniture and obstacles, contribute to picking dirt and dust from hard to reach and dark zones.
  • Great support and 5-years warranty:
    To ensure a long time in use with trouble-free, the Dyson gives the warranty to 5 years. Choosing this canister vacuum means you are pay for use it at least 5 years as a long-term investment for keeping your house spotless.

Cons: Expensive. But still worth.

Best Cheap Canister Vacuum

Not everyone willing to pay too much for vacuum cleaner. Base on budget, some people just want to find an affordable one with simple design and efficient performance. And these best cheap canister vacuum meet your requirement in this case. You only need under $100 to own a vacuum that can work as well as any other vacuum in short terms.


  • Cheap and no extra cost for replacing dust bag:
    Not only cheap, the Bissell 2156A also helps you saving a lot of money on changing the vacuum bag. The bagless design has significant advantage in collecting and keeping the home dirt in a dust cup, which can easily empty, wash and use again.
  • Suitable for small house:
    Unlike other large vacuum cleaners with having bulky construction, this Bissell canister vacuum has compact design for moving around and storage without taking too much sweat and effort. This particular feature fits with those have small house/ apartment and need a space-saving vacuum cleaner.
  • Easy to change from carpet to hardwood floor cleaning mode:
    With an excellent suction and a switch located on a flip, this vacuum can complete your carpet and hardwood floor cleaning tasks effortlessly. Finally, it gives you the fresh and clean house.
  • 3-stage filtration system:
    This top-line feature allows collecting all the dirt and dust particles hidden on floors, furniture and air for the better performance.
  • Lightweight:
    Assist in handling and cleaning hard-to-reach zone such as house corners, under bed, under furniture, stairs and car interiors, etc. ,


  • Short cord 15 feet:
    As we said above, this vacuum is more appropriate with small house/ apartment than the big one. The short cable makes it hard to done the cleaning job excellently in larger area.
  • Not ideal for pet hair:
    With pet owners, this canister vacuum may not a good choice.
  • Unstable construction, just uses for short time or simple cleaning task:
    Make from cheap component plastic and metal, this canister vacuum has very low cost but it easy to get overheating. Moreover, these components are not durable for long time using. It only can use for a short period or simple cleaning requirement.

The second best canister vacuum under $100 you can looking for is the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G. Eureka is a famous brand provides affordable home appliance and vacuum cleaner in the market. Let find out what to love about this canister vacuum:


  • Cheap:
    The first benefit that 100% you will receive that this vacuum is very cheap to buy. Cost only less than $100, the Eureka can beat any competitor about the price.
  • Robust and adjustable suction power:
    The most important factor that everyone needs in a product is the performance. And many people doubt about the productivity of this super cheap vacuum. However, it won’t let users down. The Eureka 3670G has the high suction and deluxe floor brush, bare floor nozzle that can easy adjust to handle your bare, tiles and hardwood floors.
  • Very lightweight and efficient to use for your floors , stairs, nooks and crannies:
    For those had struggled with the bulky vacuum in the past, this canister vacuum only weighs 8.6 pounds to moving around obstacles in your house or carry upstairs. Besides, the longer wand 20 feet (comparing to the Bissell 1665) is capable of cleaning the hard to reach area like cobwebs in walls or top of furniture (cabinet, fan or wardrobe).
  • Bagged design:
    While the bagless vacuum helps saving an amount of money, the bagged model suitable for who has respiratory ailments problems. It’s also more sanitary to clean the bag than the dust cup.
  • Blower function to clean the leaves in your garden or debris in the garage:
    Another cool thing about this vacuum makes user love it is the blower feature for outdoor cleaning.
  • Compact size for storage:
    No need large space to storage. This vacuum has the compact design for saving your area. Even though it doesn’t have cord rewind feature, you still able to wind the cord neatly.
  • Easy to control and maneuvering:
    The fingertip controls allows you to use this vacuum simply.


  • Medium rating performance in cleaning pet hair and carpet.
    Even this vacuum has great suction to operating on floors; it just receives average score on working with pet hair and carpet. Lack of motorized brush, it’s only able to handle the pet hair on floor (not on furniture and upholstery) and the low pile carpet
  • Pay extra for bags:
    Not like bagless type, you will have to pay more money in replacing the dust bag in future.
  • Not durable:
    It’s strong, good working, but like other cheap product, it can’t last long for years.

Not all cheap vacuum cleaner have short-time running; there still has some exception. And if you want a cheap canister vacuum with long lifespan and excellent performance on floors, the Dirt Devil SD40010 is the best choice.


  • Powerful motor 12Amp for the best performance, various power suction to control:
    The vigorous and various suction gives the ability to collect the dirt and dust around your house quicker and better.
  • Long cord 20 foot, extra hose and telescopic wand that can reach to 45 inches
    Not only perfect for floor, but the Dirt Devil SD40010 is also able to deal with hard-to-clean areas such as window blinds, curtain, stairs, and ceiling. The long wand and cord help extend the cleaning radius to the whole house.
  • Clog indicator when the dust cup full:
    Because it has bagless model, so you will have to empty the dust cup and frequently filters to keep your vacuum doesn’t get clogged and lose suction through time. For that reason, this clog indicator becomes so useful to help figure out when the dust cup is full for empty it.
  • Long durability than many other cheap vacuum:
    The most significant benefit from this vacuum is the long-time operating for many years. While a lot of cheap vacuum cleaners broke after few months or a year, many users reported that they used the Dir Devil SD40010 for many years (even up to 6 years). Therefore, despite some weakness, with the very low price and long lifespan, it still worth to invest.
  • Cord rewind in one-touch:
    Even though it’s just a small detail but everyone love the vacuum has automatic cord retracting than manual wind the wire. And the Dirt Devil canister vacuum included this feature.


  • Terrible at cleaning carpet pet and human hair: it only useful for cleaning floors. In case you have carpet and pet, we don’t recommend this vacuum.
  • Noisy when maneuvering
  • Lack of attachments.
  • No HEPA filtration system.

Best Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floor

The hardwood floors are very easy to damage if careless. Therefore, you need to select the vacuum hat has both decent suction power and gentle design to avoid scratching or injuring the floor when working. And these are the top rated canister vacuum that meets all these demands.


  • Best possible design for hardwood floor:
    With the rubber wheels, large floor brush and powerful suction that can control level, this vacuum is designed to care your floors day by day in the most efficient way.
  • HEPA filtration system:
    The HEPA filters allow retaining even the smallest dust particles and allergens. So, it helps to give the cleanest and new environment after using. This feature totally appropriates for those has asthma and allergy.
  • 360 degrees rotation hose and compact model :
    Assisting in reaching to the dark and hard to clean spaces in your house such as stairs, corners, under beds,… and the lightweight factor makes the carry around processing easier than before. So you can save a lot of sweat and effort when maneuvering this canister vacuum.
  • 5-year warranty:
    As a proof to prove that this machine can work from years to years. The manufacturers provide up to 5 years trouble-free warranty in case this vacuum gets any problems in use.
  • Durable and reliable Germany construction:
    Included pet tools for pet owner and cleaning upholstery
    People those have mix hardwood floors, and the pet will love this Soniclean Galaxy 1150 canister vacuum. It comes with the necessary pet tools and attachments to deal with your pet shedding problem even on floor, furniture or upholstery.


  • Not good at long pile carpet/rug cleaning
  • Bagged


  • Expert at hardwood floor:
    Unlike carpet, your floor can’t hide the dirt and dust. Especially the hardwood floors which need the higher maintenance to clean and protect your investment. And as what you need, this Bissell 1547 canister vacuum is specially designed to use for daily hardwood floor vacuuming. Equipped with the multi-cyclonic technology with great suction and Turbine motor brush for easily pick up all the dirt and dust without scratching your floor.
    Furthermore, this canister vacuum is ideal for cleaning pet hair, debris from hardwood floor and home.
  • Compact, lightweight to maneuver:
    Everyone scared of using a heavy machine, which takes a lot of sweat to handle. That’s why the Bissell Hard Floor 1547 that has super lightweight design can save a lot of your effort for moving and cleaning around wherever how big your house is.
  • No leaving mess when emptying dirt tank:
    Although bagless vacuum provides economical use to saving money for buying extra dust bag, cleaning a dust cup usually leave a big mess after. But this Bissell vacuum comes with an easy to empty dirt tank without messing around.
  • Adjustable telescoping wand:
    Not only has good performance at hardwood floor, but the Bissell also make your furniture cleaning jobs much easier with the telescoping wand that can easily control the length, but users are also able to vacuum the delicate areas like under bed, cobweb on ceiling, wall and stair steps.
  • Multi-Level Filtration:
    This feature allows to retains most of dirty particles and allergens in air and house, leave the best result for you.


  • Not good at carpet:
    It’s great to use for hardwood floor, pet and furniture. But the carpet cleaning may cause difficult to this machine. So, if your house has many carpets to clean, you should take a look at these best canister vacuum for carpet below.
  • Simple design, specific for hardwood floor, so it lacks various tools and attachments for another usage.

Best Canister Vacuum For Tile Floor

Not luxury as hardwood floor, the tile floor is the choice of kitchen or home that gets wet usually. Even though it’s not hard to maintenance as another type of floors, the tile floor still requires to be cleaned and often sweep to look like new and sanitary. Therefore, a suitable canister vacuum helps to reduce a lot of effort and time.

Major Benefits

  • Very lightweight and portable to maneuver
    In case you feel uncomfortable with your old cumbrous vacuum, then this vacuum becomes a suitable replacement. The Sanitaire S3681D has lightweight design with the top mounted handle that helps easily carry the vacuum from place to place. Especially, the vacuum is very useful for the difficult areas cleaning task like stair steps, furniture, under bed, chair,…
  • Powerful motor with great suction
    Even though this vacuum has a small size, the 12 Amp motor will surprise you. It provides reliable power to get rid of any dirt and dust in your floors, give the surprising result after that.
  • Large capacity dust bag
    The big dust bag enables for hold much more dirt inside, which can reduce plenty of money and time in replacing the dust bag.
  • Design for standard cleaning in multiple types of floor
    This vacuum is optimum to clean the different type of floors in your house. The telescopic wand enables comfortable in use and adjusting the wand length to reach the high and far area in hand. Moreover, with the combination floor nozzle, your floor is cleaned gently by the soft but effective action.
  • Additional Deluxe Features
    Besides the excellent performance in floor cleaning, the Sanitaire S3681D vacuum also comes with many addition benefits such as the long cord; that can wind around the cord hooks for saving space in storage, and the large and easy to move wheels to steer.
  • Durable to use from year to year
    Equally as the quality, a vacuum durability also the highest requirement when purchasing. And this vacuum is built to last for many years with the high components and 2-year warranty from the manufacturers.


  • Loud, noisy: the noise is the problem in this product. It’s loud and noisy when running and bother some users

For Carpet

Carpet is super easy to get stains and grime. And even though you try so hard to avoid this, it still gets dirty after time. In this situation, the only way to keep your carpet look like new is often cleaning. The best canister vacuum for carpet required to have many of specific function such as the brush roll, strong power for deep cleaning and so on. Take a look at the winner one that you can expect to be a good assistant for cleaning your carpets.

It’s easy to find a vacuum that can clean the low to the medium carpet than the thick one. However, with high pile carpet and shag rug, you will need to use the adamant power vacuum with precise brush and attachments tool. After researching, we finally found a canister vacuum that can solve your problem in carpet cleaning:


  • Outstanding performance in carpet:
    As we said before, this vacuum is specially designed for carpet owners from the appearance to features. The Patented Brush roll clean technology to work excellently to clean the plush carpet helps get rid of all dirt and dust that stay at your carpet. This brush also has the self-cleaning feature which allows to removes all the tangles from the brush roll by a touch of button. Besides, with on/off switch Brushroll and 3-level height adaptation, the carpet cleaning task seem comfortable than ever.
  • Various controllable suction power for versatile use
    One more high-end function is the Kenmore Elite 21814 has controllable suction power for the best maneuvering. Each type of surface requires the different power; that’s why this feature can help you increase cleaning results. This vacuum can easily get rid of pet hair and debris out of furniture and floors. Furthermore, the Electrolux included HEPA filter to trap almost dust particles and allergens in air and house
  • Swivel steering to flexible operating:
    In case you need a mobility canister vacuum to maneuver around the obstacles and furniture, then you will love the swivel steering from this product. It enables the nice and easy way to clean every corner that used to be your biggest challenging cleaning areas.
  • Quiet running:
    The smooth point is the best thing that you can expect in this vacuum. Most electrical products come with the very loud noise while operating. But this Electrolux provides the smooth and whistle quiet motor that gives you the best cleaning experience.
  • Many useful attachments:
    As a versatile vacuum, this product is equipped many addition tools to help you in cleaning different zones such as the crevice tool, dusting brush for stairs, upholstery, and bare floor nozzle. Again, the rewind power cord is also convenient in use and storage.


  • Short cord
  • Small dirt cup
  • Not good for long hair cleaning, it may get stuck if you try.


  • Nice working on floor, pet hair and low to medium pile carpet:
    The Hoover CH30000 comes with the very powerful peak 2.2 HP motor which provides the strong suction power for handling with your tile, hardwood floor, pet hair and low to medium pile carpet without scratching or damaging your surface. Even the stubborn dust and dirt particles have to give up with this vacuum.
  • Extremely compact and lightweight to use and storage:
    This vacuum weighs only 8.3 lb and very light to carry and use. It has both decent suction and easy to maneuver model. Moreover, the Hoover CH3000 is equipped a carrying strap for transfer place to place and helps you save a lot of effort
  • Affordable price:
    With the whole benefits, this vacuum provides, you may cost double or triple prices to get in other high-end vacuums. But with this machine, the price is affordable and fit for most of the budget.
  • Washable and reusable bag for saving money
    After a certain time using bagged vacuum, the bag will full and you have to pay extra for replacing it. But this vacuum comes with the washable bags that can reuse for many times.
  • Super long cord 33-foot cleaning radius
    The long cord enables better cleaning experience. You can easily clean even the hard space to reach the ceiling, wall, top of cabinets or even under bed. Even how big your house is, this vacuum can be able to vacuum easily.
  • Included necessary attachments to deal your cleaning work list.
    This Hoover canister vacuum has a lot of needful attachments to assist your various cleaning tasks such as crevice tool, wall/floor, and dusting brush, furniture and rug nozzle.
  • Long lasting
    Despite the primary plastic material, this vacuum is built to run for years to year base on the real experience of the consumers who had used this vacuum and others from Hoover.


  • Short hose
  • Not good at high-pile carpet or shag rug: the thick carpet needs more feature to handle.

The second canister vacuum that power enough to remove the stubborn pet hair out of your furniture and floors is Kenmore 21614, which provides the outstanding features and attachments to fulfillment your heavy duty pet cleaning job.

Highlight Features:

  • Robust suction to complete all cleaning duty in an easy way:
    The first advantage you can looking forward to this vacuum is its superb strong suction power that can deeply clean up the sticky dust and dirt that stay at your floors, furniture, stairs and low to medium carpet.
  • Effective in getting rid of pet hair:
    As the biggest problem in many houses, pet hair is hard to remove completely because it can leaves everywhere even in your sheet, curtain, bed, carpet or anything. That’s why you will need a vacuum that not only has strong power but also comes with necessary tools to get rid of pet dander from particular places. And this vacuum provides both things you need: the strong suction and a Pet Upholstery Tool for the best result in cleaning out pet hair.
  • HEPA Filters:
    For who don’t know, the HEPA filters can trap 99.97% allergens and dust in surface and air to leave the best environment after. And today, it becomes one of the most important factors to judge a vacuum quality. The good news is the Kenmore 21614 included the HEPA filtration system.
  • Great on stairs cleaning:
    The exclusive stair grip has changed the way you cleaning the stairs. It helps to pick all the dust on your stairs as good as a portable vacuum. This attachment also can be used for small corners, nooks and crannies as ease.


  • Heavy than another vacuum with weight to 26 pounds.
  • Too large mouth hose for cleaning tights space.

Best for Multi-surface Cleaning

Finally, we have listed the top rated of canister vacuum that not only uses for special surface but also provides the higher multitalented to clean any surface, pet hair, dirt mite, car, stairs and furniture. For simple, they have to be the all-in-one vacuum that can fulfillment all your cleaning tasks and requirement. Let’s see which one should you pick?

To be honored, cleaning is the tedious and time-wasting job. It usually takes 30 minutes to hours if you have medium to big house even with the support from many tools and vacuum cleaners. But what if there’s a product that can reduce these wasting time? That’s such great news, right? And the ProTeam Super QuarterVac HEPA Backpack Vacuum is this one, which only needs 20 minutes to clean your 2,500 square foot area (base on ISSA 540 Cleaning Times). Let’s see how it can help you in cleaning the house faster:


  • Lightweight than the traditional vacuums.
    This vacuum is very light to carry as a backpack model, which only weight 11 pounds, less than many time compares to the traditional upright vacuums. Even it has backpack design, the ProTeam specific manufacture this vacuum for not cause body strain and fatigue. It also helps reduce the scratching from your vacuum to ceiling and furniture.
  • Everything you need in a box:
    As a manifold vacuum, this machine has all tool you need in your cleaning process. It comes with multiple attachments that help clean your house, furniture, curtain, fan, above floor and upholstery. This vacuum also gets rid of pet hair out of your floor and furniture easily. You can check out which tools it included here.
  • Large dust bag:
    The bigger dust bag means you don’t need to change the dust bag often while busy to maneuver the machine.
  • Keep all the allergens and dust:
    Provides the HEPA filters means this vacuum can capture up to 99.97% all the allergens, dust mite, battery, and dirt. The special design seals and doesn’t allow this dirt and dust to get back again.
  • Long cord and hose:
    This vacuum provides the highest cord that longs 50 feet extension. That’s also one factor helps this vacuum gets the triple time faster than the traditional upright vacuum in cleaning the big area.


  • Big to handle for small people. Even this vacuum is very lightweight; its design makes it difficult to use for small people.
  • Suitable for big house. Not recommend for the small house


  • Excellent to clean the tight spaces:
    The Oreck’s proud to introduce that this canister vacuum has at least 101 uses to vacuum even the smallest area in your house. It’s ideal for versatile usage cleaning especially the areas that you used to pass or miss because they’re too dark or too hard for cleaning thanks to the various attachments and super lightweight design. This vacuum can be worn on the back like a backpack, carried by hand effortlessly. Therefore, the nook and crannies that used to be your most challenging cleaning task nowadays become easy than ever with Oreck Super-Deluxe
  • Amazing result in tile, hardwood floors, car, stairs, pet hair picking and good enough for carpet:
    With the weigh only 4 pounds, you may doubt about this vacuum power. But the true is this canister vacuum has the best power suction, which can vacuum a 16-lb. Bowling Ball.™ So, this vacuum provides the most satisfying result in cleaning your floors, different type of surface and pet hair.
  • Lasting long for many years:
    Many users from Amazon reported they used this vacuum for even more than ten years, which means it can last and use not for months but years. It’s the great choice comparing the price to the benefits you can get.
    Comes with the full convenient attachments for extension cleaning usage.


  • No onboard feature to store attachments and extension hose. So, it looks a little bit messy when storage.
  • Suitable only for the small area of the rug. Not ideal those have a lot carpet to clean

Popular Vacuum Brands:


Unlike other vacuum brands, the Miele produce the vacuum cleaners that come with the highest price but top-line performance. The Miele has tested all products to make sure they are built to last up to 20 years of working. That’s why consumers always trust and choose Miele vacuum cleaner when they have enough budget and want the best experience. It is also a famous brand since 1899 in home appliance.


Dyson is a British company that manufactures a lot home appliance like the vacuum, hand dryer, and heater,… It stands out by the innovative and unique in design, model, and technology. The Dyson vacuum always gives the users outstanding experience on all sides from the convenience to practical. The highlight advantage of Dyson vacuum is very powerful to handle the cleaning job and super portable for using in not only the floor but any surface that need to clean.

Electrolux and Eureka

Eureka is a brand belongs to Electrolux , which is famous for the very affordable price. With the small to medium budget, you can easily get the Eureka vacuum cleaner to help you in cleaning the house. Eureka provides various type of vacuum from canister, upright, stick, central to handheld model.


Hoover is an American vacuum cleaner company has main principal in vacuum and floor care product. It has more than 108-year experience in producing the high-end and sustainable vacuum cleaners. Users always surprise at the durability of Hoover, which can last even 30 years. It a reliable brand that you can trust.

Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil is an ancient brand which was founded in 1905. Similar to Eureka, Dirt Devil has the advantage in cheap vacuum cleaner with usually cost from under $100 to under $250. It provides almost type of vacuums for both large houses and small houses cleaning.


Shark is a famous upright vacuum brand which has the individual Never Lose Suction Technology for the long durability and higher cleaning performance. Besides, the vacuum from Shark is very lightweight and easy to use even for the heavy duty kind of jobs. In case you need to find the most suitable Shark vacuum, don’t forget to check the top 20 best Shark vacuum and reviews.


Panasonic is the worldwide brand of many electric products. Therefore, it provides the broad customer service to take care of every consumers.


Bissell is well-known as a upright vacuum manufacturers, but it also offers various type of vacuum like canister, stick, handheld. Bissell products has special designed to use on multi-surface such as the carpet, bare floor and pet hair with average price.

Types of Vacuum Cleaner:

The availability of vacuum cleaners in the market has increased manifold. They have become one of the most indispensable tools when it comes to keeping your home spotless. In addition to cleanliness it also helps keep many allergens away. Some of the most common types of vacuum cleaners are:

Canister Vacuum 

It has a log wand attached to a canister with the help of a flexible hose. Because the canister is made of a motor to power the vacuum and a receptacle which helps you collect dust. So you can move the canister easily because it has wheels attached to it. The ease of using this type of vacuum makes it more preferred over the upright vacuum which does not offer flexibility. The flexible hose also allows you to reach every nook and cranny of your house more easily.

Upright Vacuum 

As the name suggests, these vacuums stand in an upright position. The vacuum includes a motor which drives it and a bag which holds the dirt. All the components are a part of the handle which controls the unit. Some upright vacuums come with a flexible hose so that the vacuum is flexible for you to reach the corners.

Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuum are comparatively smaller and available in corded as well as cordless models. The compact size of these cleaners makes it easy for them to reach areas that may otherwise be difficult to clean. Very often people use these vacuums in conjunction with the upright vacuums. They are relatively cheaper and suitable for caring the car interiors.

Robotic Vacuum

They have been around for almost two decades now, but the popularity has grown recently. They can run on their own or you can control them with the help of a remote. You can schedule robotic cleaners to clean your house even when you are on vacation. They are very effective in removing allergens and pet hair. Busy homes can find these to be very helpful.

Electric brooms

They are a lighter version of the upright vacuums. The motor is located in the handle. Electric brooms or stick vacuum cleaners are good for houses where you can clean up dust and debris frequently. The lightweight design makes it easy to operate, however, the vacuum lacks the power of the upright vacuum cleaners and the flexibility of the canister vacuums.

What To Consider In Canister Vacuum?

When buying a canister vacuum, you may want to look for certain features before making your purchase. You must ensure that it is best suited for your house so that it will be able to perform the amount of cleaning that you want. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when buying a canister vacuum.

Filtration Levels

Higher filtration levels take more than one opportunity to remove the particles from the exhaust. This means that tiny particles can be trapped which leads to an improvement in the air quality.

The best filtration is provided by the HEPA filter. HEPA is short for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Moreover, the HEPA filter is more expensive and it helps in removing mold, smoke and dust from the air. Therefore, it is good for those who have allergies.

Cleaning Path

Another factor that requires your consideration is the cleaning path of the vacuum. It usually ranges between 10 to 15 inches. While cleaning a floor, you may have to take several rounds in the room if you have a smaller cleaning path. This means a wide cleaning path will help you complete the cleaning with fewer passes.

Length of the power cord

A power cord that is adequately long, will mean that you will not have to change power outlets frequently. If you have large rooms, you may want to consider a canister vacuum that will be approximately 20 feet long. It will help you move around furniture and cover most of the room without switching from one power outlet to another.

Length of the hose

The hose connects the wand to the canister. The attachment usually goes on the end of the hose. So if you want to cover areas which can be reached with the help of a long hose, then you must keep this in mind while buying the canister vacuum.

Dirt capacity

Consider a canister vacuum with more dirt capacity so that you have to change the bag or empty the dirt bin fewer times. Canister vacuums have a capacity of half a gallon to 1 gallon. Depending on your home’s requirements, choose a vacuum that will offer sufficient dirt capacity.


These equipment come with a range of attachments for deep cleaning. You may want to consider the needs of your home before you buy a canister vacuum. Check for attachments that will help you clean the blinds and dust your furniture. Some of the tools are dusting brushes, crevice tools, upholstery tools and pet hair removal tools.


Do you need to carry the canister very often? If you have a two-storeyed house and you will need to clean the stairs with the help of your vacuum, consider a lighter model. It will not be convenient for you to carry a heavy canister around. Because of the wheels in the canister, you may be able to drag it around easily on the floor, but you will have to carry it up the stairs. Canister vacuums usually weigh between 9 to 24 pounds. Lightweight designs are better when it comes to movement.


Canister vacuums are best for hard floors. If your house has a lot of bare floors, you may find this to be great, however, if you have many rugs and carpets then choose a canister vacuum that is designed to work well on such surfaces as well.

Pet Hair

If pet hair is an issue then buy a canister vacuum which includes attachments to handle pet hair as well. Attachments like the crevice tool and upholstery brushes can make it easier for you to deal with pet hair.


If you have a family member that suffers from allergies then consider HEPA filtration. It will clean more efficiently and leave behind lesser particles which can aggravate allergy symptoms.

Your home layout

The layout of your home also plays an important role when buying a vacuum. If you have spacious rooms with a lot of space to manoeuvre then you can invest in heavier and larger models without worries. But if you are dealing with tight spaces then look for models that are built specifically for smaller spaces.

Bagged or bag-less

It is usually a matter of personal choice when it comes to choosing a bagged or a bag-less vacuum. Bags offer more space but then you will have to replace them regularly which adds to the cost of the machine. On the other hand bag-less canister vacuums are less spacious so you end up emptying them very often. This can be a cumbersome task and you may not want to do it very frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canister Vacuum

1- How often should I change my vacuum’s bag or dust bin?

The ideal period to change the vacuum bag is at least once every month. About the dust cup or bin, you should replace when it is two-thirds full. However, if you have a large house or if you have pets in your house then you must change the bag more frequently. If your house has a higher foot traffic then also you need to change your vacuum bag more often.

2- Should I choose HEPA filter or not?

HEPA filters provide a superior level of filtration which keeps away most of the allergens. It also removes mold and grime more effectively. If you have family members who are allergic, it is best to choose HEPA filter. While other vacuums also provide multiple levels of filtration, HEPA is considered to be the best. HEPA filters are expensive so if you are looking for a cost effective machine then you can go for non-HEPA models.

3- Which one is better – bagged or bag-less?

This is a matter of choice. While some consider bagged models to be good, we have noticed that there are many users who like to stick to the bag-less models as well. The difference is that bagged models will require you to replace the bags periodically for the vacuum to operate properly. It may not be beneficial for those who do not want any added costs.

The bag-less models usually hold lesser dirt, and we have to empty them frequently. Both the models have their own pros and cons, and users usually have to rely on their preferences.

4- Is it better to have controls on the handle?

Users prefer having the controls on the handle because it is convenient for them when they want to change it. On the other hand if the controls are placed on the canister, you may have to bend and change the controls every time you want to use a different function.

Sometimes, the controls on the handle can become a bit of a trouble if you end up pressing the buttons by mistake. Which means you may switch the power off or move to a different function by mistake.

5- Do vacuums have a tool compartment?

Most of the canister vacuums come with a tool compartment. This makes it easy to store the attachments. You will also have the attachments available for you while working on the machine, so you do not have to get the attachments from the storage room. Usually the canister includes the tools and attachments.

However, certain models may not have a tool compartment which will mean that you will have to store the attachments separately. It is best to check for this before buying the vacuum.

How To Maintenance Your Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums always come with safety instructions so that users can make the unit perform for a long period of time. While the manufacturer can list the necessary instructions for you, it is peremptory for the users to take adequate steps to ensure the longevity of the vacuums. We have listed the common procedures that can help you maintain your vacuum, but we strongly suggest that you go through the user manual for specific instruction for your model.

Power Brush Tool and Belt:

You must clean the brush tool regularly to keep it free of fibers and hair. The brush roll housing is usually filled with dirt as well. Clean it with a damp cloth and the dry it properly with a dry piece of cloth. When cleaning the brush tool, make sure that the unit is unplugged. Your brush tool will also have a belt which you should clean or replace often. You have to manually clean the belt. If the belt shows signs of wear then it is best to replace the belt.

Dust Bag or Dust Cup:

You need to change the dust bag at least once a month. If the bag is full, it will not suction and your unit will end up working harder. When you replace the bag, make sure you unplugged the unit. Then separate the hose from the canister and look for the lock that opens the canister to reach the bag. Some models have a lock between the dust bag and the holder. Replace the bag and make sure it fits before you close the canister.

For those who are using a bag-less model, you should make sure the cup is empty once it is two-thirds full.


The primary filters in canister vacuums are pre and post-motor filters. A non-HEPA filter can be cleaned by washing with mild detergent if it is made of plastic or foam. HEPA filters must not be washed. You can clean them with the help of a round brush. Some models have washable HEPA filters which can be washed every eight weeks.

Moreover, once you have cleaned the filters, make sure all the parts are dry. So that you have secured them properly before you resume using the vacuum.

Finally, you should replace the HEPA filters every six months to ensure optimum filtration and replacing the small fabric filters yearly.


Vacuum cleaner is one of the most important cleaning tool in households across the globe. The ease to use keep your house dust free makes it a great choice. With advancement in technology, the units have become better and more powerful. Therefore, vacuum cleaner is also able to handle cleaning in a better way and almost a necessity in most of the houses.
With all the special accessories, it has been able to handle the cleaning of more than just the floors. Even thought curtains, upholstery and blinds can often be cleaned well with vacuums. The canister vacuum is one of the best choices among the different types of vacuums because of their flexibility and versatility.
Because it offers satisfactory cleaning and are available in different prices. So don't forget to maintain them well to help your vacuum last long and perform well.

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