74 Amazing Cleaning Tips To Clean Every Corner In Your House

Cleaning is always a hard and time-wasting kind of work to finish. But without cleaning, your house will look like the mess, not a house. Therefore, these 74 super incredible cleaning tips below will help you save a lot of time and effort for cleaning every corner in your house.

Table Of Contents:

Kitchen Cleaning Tips:

Living room cleaning tips:

Bathroom cleaning tips:

Bedroom cleaning tips:

Tiles and ceramic floors cleaning:

Amazing ingredients to clean your wood floors.

Carpet/rug cleaning tips

Cleaning tips for daily life


Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is not only the place to cook but also where your family members gather and have a great time together. That’s why keeping your kitchen clean and fresh is critical. Just spend a little time with these useful tricks, your kitchen will always look like new.

1. Oven cleaning:

To clean the grease in your oven, you just need to mix 5 tablespoons of baking soda with 5 drops of dish wash detergent, plus 4 tablespoons of white vinegar. Then spread this mixture solution to your oven surfaces. Let the oven there for about 15 minutes, then clean your oven. You can get full instructions here

You can also cut half of a lemon, sprinkle salt and few drops of dish wash liquid. Then rubbing on the oven glass door for clearing all the grease and oil. Finally, washing it with water until your oven as clean as new.

2. Chopping board cleaning:

Someday, you’ll realize that on wooden chopping board usually has become dirtier, and here’s how you can get rid of it. You just need 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, 1 cup of water, half of a lemon, salt, mineral oil and a towel.

Let sprinkle your chopping board with vinegar and water mixture, use half of a lemon and salt to scrub on the surface. Finally, pour the mineral oil on the towel and wipe over your chopping board. The mineral oil can prevent your board from damaging and splitting. Discover some more useful instructions you might like here

3. Microwave cleaning:

Mix 1 cup of water with a spoon white vinegar in a bowl, settle it into your microwave. Then turn on your microwave for 5 minutes. The grease will be removed. After that, using a kitchen sponge or tissue paper to clean inside the microwave. And it’s done.

4. Dishwasher sponges cleaning:

Dishwasher sponges are always wet and become the ideal environment for mold and bacteria to live. But there’s an easy way to get rid of this problem. Let put your dishwasher sponges into the microwave and turn it on for 5 minutes. This step helps destroy almost molds and

5. Sink cleaning:

You can clean your sink with the ingredient: dish washing detergent, white vinegar, baking soda, salt, and lemon. You also need an old wiper, a brush, and a soft sponge. First, clean up your sink carefully. Then, sprinkle baking soda on the surface and scrub it with a brush.

The next step is using a wet wiper to covering your sink for 20 minutes. Finally, clean up your sink with a wet sponge and dish washing detergent. You can also scrub it again with lemon for the better result. Check out another great tip here

6. Using toothpaste to clean your cups:

Let use an old brush with a little toothpaste then scrubbing inside the cup to wash it. This simple tip is safer than using other cup cleaning detergents

7. Get rid of hard-to-remove stains on kitchenware:

Salt is not only an indispensable ingredient but also a safe material to clean and wash your stuff.

Using salt to clean the cast iron pan frequently make it look brighter and cleaner.

Put vinegar into the ice trays, add some lemon slices before putting them into the fridge. When in need, you just need to take these ices, wrap with fabric and wash the stubborn stains that stuck on your kitchenware like the cabinets or items made of brass

8. Clean the blender in 30 seconds:

To clean your blender, you just need to fill it up with warm water and few drops of dish washing liquid. Turn on the blender for 10 seconds, then wash it again with warm water. With this trick, your blender will be cleaned thoroughly. Check the full instructions here

9. Get rid of kitchen smells:

To deodorize your kitchen, you can try this method: Boil a pot of water. Next, adding some aromatherapy like anise, cinnamon, vanilla and some lemon slices. But it at low temperature to let the aroma pervades the house. This pot of aromatherapy can be used up to 2 days.

10. Clean and deodorize your fridge:

The refrigerator is where you store a lot of foods. Therefore, it is easy to cause annoyed smells. However, with a simple trick, you can remove the odors and keep your fridge as clean as new.

Mix 2 spoons of baking soda and 2 liters of water. After that using a soft towel steep into the solution and swept all the surface of your fridge. Let it dry for few minutes. Finally, use a clean towel to wash your fridge again.

On the outside, let use a sponge dipped into the soap and gently cleaning, after that wiping dry with a clean towel.

For the rear sides, which stick large amounts of dirt and cobwebs, using a particular tool like the car brush/ broom to clean up. You can also check more details at Wikihow

11. Spotless dishes with mustard

Very easy to do, this method helps you get the clean plates, remove all the grease and dirt.

Pour small amount of mustard to a sponge and use it to wash your dishes, clean again with water and it’s all done.

12. Electromagnetic stove cleaning:

Take a small amount of toothpaste. Then brush around the stove surfaces. Wait for 10-15 minutes and use the wet towel to clean those surfaces. With these simple operation, your electromagnetic oven will shiny spotless.

13. Gas stove cleaning:

You can clean the stain stick on a gas stove with an alkaline soap pad. Firstly, diced and diluted the soap with warm water. Use this mixture to wash on the stove surface and keep for 15 minutes. Finally, clean again with warm water.

14. Gas stove grates cleaning:

To clean the gas stove grates, you just need to soak them in water containing ammonia from 7-8 hours. Then the stains will automatically inflate.

15. Remove grease stains from walls and ceilings:

To clean your walls and ceilings, let prepare liquid soap and towel/ fabric or a brush to wash your wall and ceilings until the grease stains disappear. Remember to wash again with water.

16. Eliminate stains on oven trays and pans:

Do not worry about the stains on your pans and oven trays, using the dryer sheet for getting rid of these stubborn stains. This type of paper is sold in supermarkets, as same as tissue but thinner. Anti-static agents in the dryer sheets would weaken the link between food and surfaces pans/ baking trays. So, try to put the dryer sheet in a frying pan filled with warm water. And then, the next morning, you will easily washable cleaning pads only. Check out the full instructions here

17. Remove limescale in the kettle:

Limescale created from the calcium carbonate in the water, lead to white layer inside the kettles. It 's not hard to clean, you just need to cut and put the large slices of lemon into the kettle. Don’t forget to pour water into it and to boil. Then leave it overnight.

The citric acid in the lemon will loosen the structure of limescale. Finally, shaking the mixture and clean your kettle again with the warm water.

18. Ceramic pans:

Ceramic pans are often caught by the grease, dirt, and spots. To remove the stains completely obnoxious, you just sprinkle a little baking soda powder into a basin, add a little warm water and dish soap, soak for 15-20 minutes, then use a sponge brush several times until when the pan cleared, then dry and stored in a cool place pan.

19. Iron cleaning:

A steam iron is an essential home appliance. But after using a long time, the soleplate iron is stuck and stained. In this case, you can use pure salt to clean the iron. First, put the iron on the table where already set a thick layer of salt. Then turn off the steam mode and adjusting the iron to the highest temperature and leave it for about 5 minutes. You will be surprised to see that only with an amount of salt, your soleplate iron is returned shiny as new. See step-by-step instruction here

20. Remove rust stains from knives with lemon juice:

Knives/Blades stay in the moist environment are easy to get rust stains. To clean them, you will need the support from lemon juice. Firstly, squeezing the lemon juice and then dip the knives in it for about 5 minutes. Rinse with clean water, and your knives are shiny back again. This is totally a natural way for clean your rust knives

21. How to Clean Bleach off Silver:

Firstly, boiling 2 liters of water and half a cup of salt in a pot. Put the dirty silver stuff into the pot. Cook for a long time, the stains will disappear. Then you just need to rinse again with water.

22. Stainless Steel Appliances Cleaning:

To keep your stainless steel appliances always shiny, pour a little baby's bath oil on a paper towel and scrubbed. Stains, food, fingerprints will disappear. However, this method can only be applied to stainless steel furniture, not using for iron and copper,…

23. Preserved fruits and vegetables:

Rumble old newspapers and tucked into vegetable compartment before you organize the fruit and vegetables into the refrigerator will slow down the ripening process, leading to wilting, brown the vegetables and fruits.

24. How To Clean Stinky Drains:

To neutralize the stinky smells from the drain in the kitchen, the toilet, pour a little baking soda mixed with water down to the drain. Wait for about 1 hour and then refill 3-4 drops vanilla extract down. You will have a kitchen full of vanilla scented instead of food odors. Check out the instruction here

Living Room Cleaning Tips

25. Window cleaning:

You can clean all types of dirt or yellow stains on the window with a mixture of baking soda and laundry detergent. A 1:1 mix with baking soda and laundry detergent is able to bring you the best result.

26. Remove pet hair from furniture:

Cut the tape into small pieces and use hands to stick down the tape on the surface that sticking pet hair. When hair was sticking out into the tape, continue to use other pieces repeat the operation until the surface is clean.

If this methods is not effective, then use a vacuum cleaner for pet hair to get the job done thoroughly. Remember to select the vacuum cleaner that has small nozzle and specific attachments for the best results.

27. How to clean urine and vomit out of your sofas:

If your sofas contaminated with vomit or urine, mix baking soda with water to make a dough mixture. Then, use a spoon applied to the dirty area. Let it overnight then vacuuming the next morning. Check it here

28. How to Clean a Microfiber Couch:

You can remove stains from microfiber couch with a clean brush and a little baking soda to eliminate odors.

29. Cleaning narrow-necked vases with indigestion medicines:

Do not worry if you own many narrow-necked jars that can not put hands or brush inside to clean. All you need to do is fill them with the water to the position you need to clean up and drop 2-3 tablets indigestion medicines (Alka Seltzers) inside, sodium in these drugs helps to remove stains from the vases. Find out 5 more tips to clean your narrow-necked vases here

30. Wipe the dirt on TV:

The most efficient way to clean the dust in the television is to use a soft cloth that moistened by the fabric softener.

31. Removing oil stains on the books:

To remove oil stains from your book, use a cotton swab soaked Ammonia and rubbing lightly to the oil stains. Then drying the books at the cool place.

32. Remove stains on the stone table with hydrogen peroxide:

It must be annoyed when your stone tables were full of stains from coffee or juice. To fix this problem is not difficult, you just need to mix a little hydrogen peroxide into water. And then use this mixture to wipe the table solution. Hydrogen peroxide will remove stains and dirt, and return the cleaned surface for stone tables. Check some more tips here

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

33. Shower cleaning:

Put an amount of vinegar into plastic bags (enough to inundate shower in it), then sealed and left overnight. The next morning, just simply pocket out, wash again shower with water to remove the stains.

34. Bathroom doors cleaning:

For cleaning the bathroom doors, put a few drops of white vinegar into a cup of baking soda, then use this mixture directly on the door, and wait for about 1 hour.Next, wipe off with a fabric towel. Finally, flush the doors, sticky stains will go off, your bathroom doors will be incredibly shiny.

35. Tiles and ceilings cleaning:

Before cleaning, spray hot water all over the bathroom (particularly the ceiling). Then close the door and wait few minutes. Hot water supports to scrub the sticky stains faster.

Bathroom ceiling is a mold-prone area. Moreover, the height makes it hard-to-clean-up. Besides, many people also are afraid of chemicals quickly wipe dripping ceiling and fell into the palm of the ceiling. However, if you mix the white vinegar into the water before you use the mop. Not only your ceiling becomes cleaner, but you would not have to worry about toxic substances being involved in your skin.

36. Carpet:

The stinking doormat at the bathroom door is also a headache problem for many families. Of course, you do not have time for cleaning carpet every day. So try simpler way like hanging your carpets late at the end of the day (when everyone in the family has finished bathing). When your carpets are dry, sprinkle some baking soda on the surface, for about an hour and then vacuuming them. Baking soda helps remove the smell of the carpet and keep them cleaner. For spring cleaning, shake off the dust, then put them in the washing machine and separate laundry with warm water. Warm water helps remove the bacteria and bad smells.

37. Mirrors cleaning:

Water stains, soap deposited on the bathroom mirror make it becomes ugly and opaque. Just using a shaving cream to clean the mirror, the mirror will become shiny as new. Or more directly, you can use half a lemon and rub on the mirrors, then leave for a few minutes and use the spray faucet.

38. The rust stains cleaning:

Obnoxious rust stains make your bathroom look unsightly and dirty. Moreover, it’s not easy to disappear even though you had clean it as strong as possible. In this case, toothpaste is your savior. Apply toothpaste on the rust stains, for about 10 minutes. Then scrub strongly with a brush, the rust stains will come off naturally. Or you can sprinkle salt on the rust stains. Then apply lemon juice, and left overnight. On the next morning, scrubbing until the rust stains disappear. There're up to 4 more ways to remove rust stains, check out here!

39. Get rid of limescale on your shower:

Get rid of the accumulation of calcified deposits (limescale) in the faucets by wiping them with vinegar and let stand for 20 minutes. If the limescale still remains, wrap it in a plastic bag and clean with clear water after 1 hour.

40. How to Remove Toilet Bowl Stains

The toilet bowl is easy to get stains, but it’s not difficult to remove and to clean these stains if you use lemon juice and borax. Mix these two ingredients together and use it to wash the stain. Your toilet will become brighter and get fresh lemon smell. Find out the full tip here

Bedroom cleaning tips:

41. How To Whiten Yellowed Pillows:

Mix 1 cup of washing powder, 1 cup of dish washing powder, 1 cup of bleach, ½ cup Borax powder and a little bit of hot water. Done. You already have a perfect mixture to whiten your favorite pillows.

42. Wood cabinet cleaning:

Blend 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil with 1 teaspoon of baking powder and you will have a perfect mixture for the dirty wooden cupboard in your house. Use a soft bristle brush or a towel combined with this mixture to get the better result.

Tiles and Ceramic Floor Cleaning

43. Clean Tile Floors With Baking Soda:

Besides being an additive in baking, you can even use baking soda to clean the crevices on the floor tiles. This cleansing formula is pretty simple: a half cup of baking soda mix with 8 liters of water to clean the floor. Mud stains on the floor will be pushed back quickly. You can follow this step-by-step instruction here.

44. White ceramic tiles cleaning:

White ceramic tiles are stained; you can use lemon to clean. Then wash again with normal cleaning detergents.

Amazing Ingredients to Clean Your Wood Floors

45. White vinegar- fantastic tip to clean wood floors:

You spent a lot of money to build the wood floor and want to maintain them frequently. There is a cheap and useful tip that you can apply immediately. Mix white vinegar with warm water 1: 9 ratio and then clean the floor as usual.

46. Baby shampoo:

Baby shampoo with mild detergent and safe, but still enough to remove the dirty stains on wood flooring. Just add a tablespoon of baby shampoo into water then use this mixture to wipe the floor. It will look spotless than ever.

47. Wine:

Not only a great drink but also a workhorse for housewives in cleaning and food processing. White wine is especially useful when you want to remove the ink, pencil, nail polish and shoe polish. Just grab a towel that saturates in wine and cleans the stains for 10 seconds. Finally wiping it again.

48. Pine oil:

Pine oil is one of the top cleaning solutions for wood floors. If you want your wood floor or furniture look brighter and newer, you should take a cotton swab soaked pine oil to the surface. Next, you wait for the oil to dry, then polish off with a clean cloth. This tip also helps to maintain color fastness of the wood grain.

49. Ammonia:

Enemy of the stains is ammonia. Diluted the mixture of water and ammonia will contribute to clean the stains from wine, chocolate and fruit juice. To avoid odor and harmful substances referring to your health, remember to wipe the floor with the specific mop.

50. Don’t let your wood floor wet:

Although there are many ways to clean your wood floor, there is a common point that you need to spray the mixture directly onto the stain. And then use dry cloth to clean again immediately because wet wood floor can lead to cracked parquet on wood surface and damage your wood floors.

Carpet/Rug Cleaning Tips

51. Remove Ink from Carpet:

Let get the milk dipped cotton wool apply on ink stained spots. Rather milk balls repeatedly sucked into the carpet. Then you take a soapy sponge pat on the lending or rub hands. Finally, use another sponge soaked clean water again. And done.

52. Cleaning and deodorizing cushion/upholstery:

After an extended period of using, dirt and sweat clinging to the pillows that have been stained and nasty odors. This problem certainly affects your health and sleep. But with the simple tip, cleaning and deodorizing your cushions are not too hard. Firstly, let peel bed sheets and sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on the surface of the cushion. Let it for at least 30 minutes. Then use your vacuum cleaner and clean this powder layer. You will be surprised about the effectiveness of this tip in cleaning and deodorizing your old cushions/upholstery.

53. Remove Oil Stains and Greases From Carpets:

Carpets bring to your house warm and luxurious look. However, keeping the food, beverages from falling into the carpet seems impossible. One of those stubborn stains and most annoying of the food is grease. To clean this dirt. First, you have to wipe the stains with a cloth, scrape off residue, then sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on the stains. Wait for 10-20 minutes and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt away.

54. Remove stains on the carpet with glass cleaner and iron:

The stains like dirt, juice, chocolate stiffen on the rug, especially the bright color carpet is extremely uncomfortable with anyone. The solution for this case is the glass cleaner, a white towel, and iron. First, let the water spray glass cleaner to the dirty area for 2-3 minutes and put the white towel to the surface that needs to clean and dry. These stains will slowly drag into the white towel and disappear from your carpet. This is very easy and worth to try, right?

Cleaning Tips for Daily Life

55. Cleaning stains caused by water, food sticking on the suede couch:

The advantage of the suede couch is light, modern and luxury. But in fact, this material is incredibly easy to get dusty. Moreover, the water stains and food dropped to the couch create the unsightly dark patches. The lighter furniture, the more you get this dirt. To solve this problem, you should prepare a little isopropyl alcohol solution (IPA), a couple of white sponge and white bristle brush.

First, pour ISA into a spray bottle and spray on the area that needed to clean (remember to wear a mask and gloves), then use a big hand scrub sponges to clean stubborn stains. If the sponge is too dirty, replace it with new pieces to avoid spreading dirt from one place to another. When these areas are dry, use a stiff brush gently wash the last turn, you will be surprised how your suede coach get cleaner.

Bonus: 4 Ways to Clean and Maintain a Suede Couch

56. Remove mildew and odors from towels

The moist environment in the bathroom causes prone-mold and smelly towels. Tip to solve this problem is not difficult; you need to use hot water and a cup of vinegar to wash with towels. If still smell, wash back again with hot water and 1/2 cup of baking soda. This trick can also be applied to clothing and swimsuits. However, you need to sort your clothing by color to avoid patches.

57. Combs cleaning:

If you usually use a comb, you will find out that it easy to get dirty in the comb teeth already. So how to clean your comb fast?

Just mix a little warm water and a few drops of dish washing oil, then dip the comb into this mixture, wait a few minutes and discharged under the tap. Your comb will be bright as new.

58. Sneakers cleaning:

After using a long time, your sneakers can get bruises that even if you feel hard to clean even with brush and laundry soap.

So let try by taking a tennis ball, apply few coats of toothpaste outside the ball, then rub the ball on shoes. Surely your sneakers will look like new.

59. Soften your towels:

You may notice that after a certain time using, our towels becoming "hard"? Soften towel is also very simple.

Soak your towel in very hot water with 1 cup of ammonia. Your towels will once again soft like new.

60. Shiny windows:

Many people advise you to use newspaper for cleaning the windows. But in fact, those who have experienced this way are exhausted, and just a little cleaner. So, why not try a simple but effective way than that?

Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with 1 liter of water and pour this solution into a spray bottle. Finally use soft microfiber cloth and spray the solution into, then gently wipe on the windows.

61. Keep your house always smelling fresh:

Ingredients you need: Salt, white vinegar, orange, glass jars, sprayers, distilled water.

First take the bark peeled orange (let's core retained for dessert for example), then cut pieces of orange peel. Next, you drop the orange peel into the glass jar, sprinkle a little salt on top. This salt will help bring in the essential oils of orange peel off easily. Pour vinegar into half of the jar, the other half is distilled water. Close lid glass jars back, and wait for about 2-3 weeks.

After 2-3 weeks, you need to take a part water in a spray bottle and now carries a spray bottle goes around home. Your home will always be gentle aroma of orange peel - helps create fresh air. Also, you can give more cinnamon if liked or replaced by lemon peel orange peel or grapefruit peel.

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62. Get rid of scratches on wood furniture

Walnuts are not only the famous food, but it also helps you a lot in cleaning the house.

If your furniture has scratches from being dragged away, or because you accidentally scratch it. Then try taking a walnut, leaving the shell, use the meat of the walnut to rub to scratches for a while. The scrapes will fade, and no one will spot them anywhere.

63. Shiny porcelain dishes:

You need a clean soft towel soaked with a little vodka and a little cooking oil. Using this towel wipe lightly the porcelain dishes, then wait for a while and rinse off with warm water. You will be surprised with the efficiency gains after that!

64. Remove coffee stains on your mugs:

Don’t worry, leave little toothpaste on, using a sponge to scrub lightly your mugs and they will be spotless again.

65. Clean your children's bath toys:

Dirty ducks and rubber boats will be cleaned as new when you mash them with a mixture of 4 liters of water and 200ml of vinegar. On the next morning, simply wash off with water and drain.

66. Remove red wine from fabric:

If red wine poured on your favorite outfit, sprinkle some salt and soda on it. Salt will absorb stains. Meanwhile, sodium carbonate and soda water will clean this stain of red wine. After just one night, you will see the difference.

67. How to Restore Wooden Tables:

You need to mix a mixture of ½ cup vinegar and ½ cup of olive oil. Then take a clean towel dipped in the mixture and wiped on the surface of the table. You will see the scratches and stains disappeared and the table looks like new again.

68. How to Remove Stains on Rubber Items:

Rubber stuff is easy to get dirty and black spots. So you need to soak them in boiling water with soap powder in about 10 minutes.

When done, you take a clean cloth to wipe it out. Finally, your items will clean as new.

69. Remove grease stains on leather:

To get rid of oil from leather, use cotton wool soaked in benzine for cleaning up. Leather seats would have faded; you would like the customizable color that uses the wax polish.

70. Remove flaws on leather:

For items like leather shoes, briefcases ... that are moldy, you can remove it with a clean cloth soaked in turpentine.

If they’re old mold stains, you have to use very fine sandpaper to scrub the mold. When done, hit back for smooth wax and copper colors.

71. Washing machine cleaning:

You may be surprised to know that the washing machine drum is one of the most areas included bacteria, after the sink. Therefore, regular cleaning the drum is essential. With white vinegar, you can solve this problem. Pour a little-diluted vinegar with water and poured into the washing machine. Press the start button and operate a normal wash cycle of the machine (fast washing or cleaning mode light) is your washer clean and loss and unpleasant odors.

72. Plastic box cleaning:

Plastic lunch boxes are often haunted bad smell. The solution to this is to soak a piece of white bread with white vinegar and put it inside the plastic boxes need deodorant. Whether it is haunted boxed fish smell, they will be cleaned with this method.

73. Cleaning the coffee pot:

Those who use coffee machine are extremely uncomfortable with the stubborn dregs that sticking at the bottom or top of the pot. The tip to remove it is simple. Let mix the diluted vinegar with a little water and then pour it into the pot, operating the pot with the normal cycle. You can also apply this to the dishwasher, too.


Cleaning is a part of your life. But that’s not means you have to pay a lot of money, time and efforts into cleaning tasks. These must-read 74 cleaning tips can save a lot of your precious things in life but still helps you get the best cleaning result.

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