10 Super Handy Cooking Tips Everyone Needs To Know

With 10 simple cooking tips below you must see for handle the difficult situations when cooking to save time, effort and improves your cooking skills.

 10 Super Handy Cooking Tips Everyone Needs To Know

1.    Make Porridge In the Cooker Without Overflowing:

If you are in love with soft, nutritious and easy to eat porridge but don’t know how to cook it without overflowing. Then using this method with rice cooker for prevent overflowing but still keep its delicious and attractive taste.

To keep your porridge from spill over, you need to get enough rice to eat, wash thoroughly and soak in water before cooking about 3 hours. If you do not have time to soak your rice, you can opt for adding alum to the cooker or before cooking, alum also helps to make the rice gruel quicker.

Put the washed rice, soak in the rice cooker, and add the appropriate amount of water. If possible you should cook porridge with warm water at a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celcius for shortening the cooking time.

Next, add 1 tablespoon cooking oil to the pot, cooking oil will help porridge do not overflow when the temperature rises and water boiling.

1.    Fix too salty soups:

Adding too much salt in porridge and soup? Potatoes are effective in attracting the salty taste of your dishes. You can use the potatoes, peel the shell, cut into thin slices and add to the cooked dish at least 15 minutes before enjoying the dishes. And when you eat, the salty food will disappear with each slice of potato. This method can apply to soup, steam and fried food.

2.    Tips make delicious and catchy sausages:

The sausage recipe is familiar with everyone. But in the process, many people have encountered the casing problems. And the tip, in this case, is picking the right casing. You should choose the natural hog casing with non-white, pink color which has good elastic.

Moreover, wine and lemon will help you deodorize the casing very well. While making, put these two ingredients into the hog casing thoroughly. The sausage stuffing should be done carefully to avoid air entrapment to your sausage which affects to delicious and easy to the podium, you can using kitchen tools such as sausage stuffers to handle this process quicker.

3.    How To Get Fish Not Stick To The Pan:

After preparing the fish, heat the pan and with cooking oil. Then wait a minute for the oil boiling before putting the fish into the pan. Or you can put a slice of fresh ginger in the bottom of the pan before frying, fish will not stick to the pan anymore.

4.    Keep bananas from turning rotten:

Bananas are easy to rot, especially when the weather is hot. For preservation bananas, you should use paper or plastic wrapped food and wrapping the banana stalk.

5.    Quickly Thaw Meat and Fish:

Meat and fish stay a long time in fridge take much time to thaw. If you want to reduce time in thawing, you can put meat and fish in cold water pots for 1-2 hours. During the soak process, replace the water regularly. Moreover, you can defrost in the microwave oven. Or if you don’t have an oven, you can pour some alcohol, meat and fish will thaw faster.

6. Green vegetables Stir-Fry Tip:

Dip vegetables in hot water before frying, add a little salt or oil to vegetables. Turn the cooker to high temperature, then let vegetables in the boiling water pot, cooked for a long time. Pick the vegetables out as soon as the vegetables have turn light color and then rinse with the cold water. Heat a large pan over a high heat. And then put vegetables on. Finally, stirring quickly, adding spices and your own ingredients for the best dish. This is really a simple way to keep your kitchen clean.

7.    How to Chop Onions Without Tears:

–    Put onions in the freezer 15 “before cutting. The chilled onion cells will respond slowly when cutting.

–    Cut onions under water: Water will help dissolve sulfur compounds against the eyes.

–    Leave the onion root: the onion root contains a lot of sulfur make you crying so leave the root until the end.

8. Clean The Burnt Pots or Scorched Pans:

To clean stainless steel pots or pans that burned or scorched, you can pour the water in the pan and add two tablespoons of salt, stirring until the salt has dissolved.

Leave it for an hour and rub it again with dishwashing liquid. If the stains do not flush out, you can put salt in the pan, boil it, then soak for about an hour and then brush again.

In addition, you can lay slices of lemon on the bottom of the pot, pour the water into and boil. When water is boiled, you lower the fire, use scoop to scratch the burned or scorched area. Finally, rinse again.

9.    Ripen avocado faster without chemicals:

–    Use the oven:

Firstly, turn on the oven at 90 degrees C. Then cover the avocado in silver foil, and heat the bowl.

Put in a 5-10 ‘oven, your avocado is now ready for processing, this tip is suitable for anyone who needs to use avocado to make salads or salad dressings.

–    Use the microwave:

At first, use a fork around the avocado. Then put it into the rotary oven for 30 seconds.

Take out the test, found soft, but not you can shoot another 10-20 seconds.

In this way, you will have ripe butter to the blender or to cook with other dishes also.

–    Use other ripe fruits:

Put avocado in paper bags with apples or bananas, make sure your bags are dark and sealed. Ethylene from these fruits will help ripen quickly. Normally avocado needs 6 days to rip after picking down, the time will be reduced to 1-3 days! Besides ripening the avocado, you can also use apples and bananas to ripen other fruits!

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