Worx GT2.0 Review: Your 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Yard Tool

The Worx GT2.0 claims to be three amazing yard tools in one: a trimmer, a wheeled edger and a mini mower. If you’re wondering if the Worx GT2.0 is really as versatile and powerful as it claims to be, it’s time to check out our review to see if this multi-purpose yard tool lives up to its name.


  • Application - Effective for light-duty to medium-duty trimming, edging and mowing tasks
  • Convenience - Lightweight, easy to use, manoeuvre and get into hard-to-reach places
  • Price - Affordable but more expensive than traditional gas trimmers
  • Customer Support - Customer service can be a hit or miss; comes with a 3-year limited warranty


  • Capable of 3 Different Functions
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Adjustable Features
  • Easy to Store
  • Easy to Use and Efficient


  • Not as Powerful as Gas-Powered Models
  • Battery Can Be Better
  • Not Comfortable for Tall Users
  • Mixed Customer Service Standards

If you are looking for a versatile yard tool for light-duty to medium-duty gardening work that is relatively easy to operate and affordable, the Worx GT2.0 is a decent tool that you can consider. The upgraded Worx GT2.0 (model number: WG175) is equipped with a 32V MaxLithium battery which lasts longer than the previous 20V model (model number: WG160).

Product Specifications


  • 12 x 12 x 35 inches


  • 6.2lbs


  • A maximum of 32V

Cutting Width

  • 1,200 inches

Charging Time

  • Approximately 3 hours

No-Load Speed

  • 7,600 rpm

Line Diameter

  • 0.065 inches


  • 32V MaxLithium battery


  • 3 trimmer spools and a battery charger

The above is a summary of the Worx GT2.0’s product specifications based on the 32V model.


Capable of 3 Different Functions

As mentioned earlier, the Worx GT2.0 is a multi-purpose tool that can easily convert between modes so you don’t need to purchase additional tools. Most customers liked the ability to switch between the 3 different functions offered: a grass trimmer, a wheeled edger and a mini mower.


The Worx GT2.0 can be used as a regular string trimmer when you adjust the handle’s position. To use, simply stand in front of the bush or plot that you intend to trim and work your way over the area while holding the Worx GT2.0 in the correct position. To keep the trimmer head at a safe and constant distance from the ground, it’s recommended to attach the accompanying support wheels underneath the safety guard. However, some customers have complained that the wheels are not very user-friendly and slows down their work. Alternatively, you can just extend the flower space guard and use it to avoid chopping off flowers or other plants that you do not intend to touch.


To switch from trimming to edging, you just need to adjust the angle of the handle. For precise edging, keep your hands steady as you hold the tool and edge along your garden perimeters. Attach the wheels onto the trimmer head side and you can manoeuver the edger in a straight line with just one hand.

Mini Mower

Most customers commented that the Worx GT2.0 was useful as a mini mower to reach small tight areas that may be hard-to-access otherwise. Think short trees or spaces under a ground level deck. Just adjust the pivot of the handle so that you can move the Worx GT2.0 in a way that you would do with a typical mower, with the wheels guiding you when you make the cut line.

Lightweight and Portable

At just 6.8lbs, the Worx GT2.0 is lightweight and can be easily transported from one place to another. This can be handy if you have many different spots to cover and they are all spread out across your yard or garden. It’s also useful if you have to lift up the tool to reach taller bushes or hedges. As a battery-operated tool, the Worx GT2.0 is very portable. You don’t have to be restricted by the power cord and the power outlet.

Adjustable and Features

The Worx GT2.0 comes with a fully adjustable spacer guard that helps to protect your flowers, plants, garden furniture and other obstacles from damage when you are trimming. The trimmer head can tilt up to 90 degrees, allowing you to trim places that may be more difficult to access. You can also adjust the shaft length and the auxiliary handle (seven different locking height adjustments for the latter)

Easy to Store

The Worx GT2.0 is so adjustable that it is a breeze to store this anywhere at home. This is great if you don’t have much storage space.

Easy to Use and Efficient

As mentioned earlier, you can switch between the three different modes by adjusting the pivot of the handle without the need to carry and use extra tools to make the switch. With the 100% single line feed, no bumping is needed to extend the line. The feed is also automatic, which adds to the time savings when you use the tool.


Not as Powerful as Gas-Powered Models

The flipside of battery-operated garden tools is that they tend to be less powerful than their gas-powered counterparts. This is the same if you compare the Worx GT2.0 with gas-powered trimmers. If you need a tool for heavy gardening work, the Worx GT2.0 may not be that suitable and you may fare better with gas-powered trimmers that are usually cheaper and can get the job done faster without running out of juice as quickly as the battery-operated Worx GT2.0.

Battery Can Be Better

Customer complaints on the Worx GT2.0 are mainly in relation to the actual runtime when fully charged (being shorter than the purported 35 minutes). To overcome this, you can purchase an extra battery pack so that you can use the Worx GT2.0 while charging the spare battery or enjoy prolonged usage time with two fully charged battery packs.

Pricier than Gas-Powered Models

Like the Worx Aerocart, users of Worx GT2.0 who are taller than 6 feet seem to face similar discomfort issues when using the latter. Some users complained that the Worx GT2.0 made their lower backs ache because the tool wasn’t long enough.

Concluding Thoughts

The Worx GT2.0 (32V model) is currently priced slightly above $100. If you’re on a tight budget, you can consider the older 20V model which is lower than $100 at the moment— most of the features are the same as the newer model except for the battery voltage. If you intend to get a garden tool that can perform multiple functions, the Worx GT2.0 is a worthy deal. It will be most suited for light gardening work—anything that is too intensive may require a tool that is more powerful and probably larger. Being aware of the limitations of the Worx GT2.0 will give you a better idea of what it’s capable of. You can then decide whether it is still useful for your needs and manage your expectations for a satisfactory experience!

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