Budget Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For Home

Cleaning the house is a chore that is boring and most people do not like to do it. However, they do it because there is no other alternative. Vacuum cleaners were invented to help a person clean the house thoroughly and more importantly easily, but hefting the vacuum around the house is not easy. If you are among the people who want a clean house but do not want the trouble of carrying the vacuum around, you have a choice and that choice is a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Robotic vacuum cleaners have caught the imagination of people right from the time they were launched and there are many options available now. But before deciding on a robotic vacuum cleaner you need to understand your needs and whether a robotic vacuum cleaner is right for your home.

Firstly consider the size of your home. If your home is large then robotic vacuum cleaners may not be the right option, but if your home is an average sized home then the option is a good one. Next you should consider your flooring and carpets. You should know that not all robotic vacuum cleaners can clean carpets and some of them cannot clean hard flooring. So determine which type of vacuum cleaner you need to opt for your home. If you have pets then you need to clean your home frequently to remove pet hair and dust. A robotic vacuum cleaner can be an advantage if that is the case. Also consider buying a robotic vacuum cleaner that can be programmed to clean the home at predetermined times.

Though many people want to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner they claim that they did not go ahead with the purchase because they think that they are priced very steep. The best part is that nowadays you can get a robotic vacuum cleaner for less than $200. If you feel that the cheaper priced ones will not be up to the mark, then you need not worry, because you can read about the best robot vacuum under 200$ below:


The INLIFE I6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best according to us when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners under $200. The reason being that the vacuum cleaner not just cleans it also mops as well. Another important reason is the technology behind the vacuum, the anti-bump technology is revolutionary and drop-sensing is also the same.

The Inlife I6 robotic vacuum cleaner is not made for only a few types of floors, it can clean all types of floors. It does not matter whether it is marble flooring, hardwood flooring or laminated tiles, the cleaner will work in all of them. Another advantage of buying this vacuum cleaner is that it supports wet and dry mopping too. This ensures that the stains are cleaned on the floor. If you have children at home, the most common complaint is spills and stains on floors and this cleaner will clean the floor thoroughly using the wet and dry options. It can clean hard to reach corners and its size ensures that it will clean even under beds and couches.

The cleaner comes with 5 pre-sets and you can also schedule the cleaning every day. Even if you are not there the cleaner will clean at the pre-set time. The best part is that the cleaner will reach its charging dock and charge automatically when the battery charge becomes low. For less than $200, it is a steal.

This is one of the smart vacuum cleaners that you get for less than $200. This is a very lightweight vacuum cleaner and its height enables it to clean even the spaces below the furniture easily. The best part is that it keeps allergens away. Most people opt for vacuum cleaners to keep allergens such as pet hair, pollen, dander and mites. The normal vacuum cleaners have a HEPA filter and hence help in keeping allergens away. Similarly this robotic vacuum cleaner also has a HEPA filter and this will keep allergens away.

The vacuum cleaner has bristle brushes and everyone knows that bristle brushes clean better but this cleaner has a special V-shaped brush which is believed to help in scrubbing better and in decreasing tangling. The cleaning technology is known as the Cyclone Power 3 stage system and it works well as results show. Most robotic vacuum cleaners can be programmed to work at specified times and this is no different, you can pre-set the cleaning process for a week and it will clean the home at the specified times. Since it is a smart vacuum cleaner it will automatically recharge by going automatically to the docking station when the battery life is low. The cleaner also works continuously for more than 2 hours which is very good for the price. It also has the anti-collision and anti-drop which is available in most smart vacuum cleaners. Overall it is a very good budget robotic vacuum cleaner.

This is one of the better vacuum cleaners for this price. The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 uses smart motion technology. This means that it can clean better than most and it works for any type of room, be it size or shape. Another major factor for its popularity is the Wi-Fi compatibility. With this you can clean your house using the ECOVACS app.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 does not have a brush, the design itself is known as a brushless motor design. If you feel how a vacuum cleaner can clean without a brush motor then you need not worry as the suction in this vacuum is high and the rotation is also more and this ensures that all the dust is removed from the floor. The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 also reduces allergens as it filters them an dyou get clean air. There are sensors that ensure that the vacuum cleaner does not fall. There are many modes that are provided for cleaning and you can use them to make your home spic and span. In short, it is a very good robotic vacuum cleaner for such a price.

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